Highest salute to Hugo Chavez, internationalist and anti-imperialist

Migrante International and Migrante Partylist deeply mourn the passing of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez after a long battle with cancer.

Filipinos – migrant workers and im/migrants and their families – worldwide give the highest salute to our friend and comrade. Chavez’ death is an irreparable loss to the world anti-imperialist movement. He was a great internationalist, champion of the poor and oppressed and liberator of the people.

We express our most heartfelt condolences with the family of Chavez. Our thoughts are with them and the Venezuelan people.

We call on the people of Venezuela to carry on the legacy and struggle of Hugo Chavez against imperialist intervention and exploitation, national democracy and socialism.

Long live Hugo Chavez!

Peoples of the world, unite against imperialism!

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