The Middle East is host to about 2.4 million Filipino workers and as early as the first half of 2019, Migrante International already banged the alarm when it published warnings to the Duterte regime on the impending doom that is laying siege on OFWs. It was June last year when the US-Saudi conflict with Yemen turned into a full-blown ground battle deeper into the border regions of Asir, Jisan and Najran within Saudi territory where more than 40 thousand Filipinos work and reside. 


PHOTO from LiveLeak: US-Saudi drops neutron bomb on the impoverished outskirts of a city in Yemen.

Failing to learn from the lessons of Iraq, Syria and Libya, the Duterte regime did not present clear contingency measures to ensure the safety of OFWs in peril. Now that the US is threatening to launch another imperialist war of aggression against Iran to fulfill the interests of transnational oil giants and arms contractors, the Duterte regime is once again approaching the deadliest minute without any concrete plan of action. 

Instead of carrying out immediate measures like proactively offering repatriation enlistment to Filipinos and setting forth long-term reintegration programme for returning OFWs, the Duterte regime is more keen on going ahead with his planned visit to Kuwait in what could be another junket for corrupt government officials like how it was in his Israel trip last year. There has also been more chatter and prattle on the creation of a ‘Department of OFW’ which is not even a pressing solution for this looming threat

Worse, Duterte and his minions were just too busy last year politicking and electioneering to take notice of OFWs in clear danger of being caught up once more in this apocalyptic region of the world. How long will distressed OFWs wait before the Duterte regime takes action? By showing off its pretensions of preparedness for mass repatriation, the Duterte regime is just exercising its overt skill in fakery. Failing miserably, it can’t even efficiently repatriate overwhelming numbers of OFWs stranded in countless shelters in the Middle East. 

Rather than being a passive onlooker in the international community, the Duterte government must present its objection against the US war of aggression on Iran and persuade Trump to permanently pull out US troops in the Middle East to de-escalate conflict and to allow the advent of just peace and stability in the region. The US military has no business remaining in the Middle East other than to stoke bloody hostilities against non-dominated countries like Iran and Syria. Migrante however do not expect the Duterte regime to oppose its US imperialist master for he has consistently proven himself to be a compliant puppet to imperialist dictates. 

Dropping more bombs and waging the most number of wars than any other global power, US imperialism is no doubt the world’s number one terrorist. In the strongest terms, Migrante International denounces the US wars of aggression against Iran and the people of the Middle East. Likewise, we decry the Duterte regime’s puppetry and indolence on the back of this imminent US terrorist threat that not only endangers millions of OFWs but all the freedom-loving people of the Middle East and of the entire world. 

Save OFWs! 

No to US war on Iran!

End US occupation of Iraq!

US troops out now!


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