Veloso family, Migrante rejoice after Mary Jane’s recruiters adjudged guilty of large scale illegal recruitment

Justice, hardly fought for by the Veloso family, OFWs and supporters, has been won today. Migrante congratulates the Veloso family, the public prosecutors, NUPL, churches, advocates, organizations and the mass movement who struggled to make this monumental triumph possible. The guilty verdict on Mary Jane’s recruiters Maria Christina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao on a separate large scale illegal recruitment case filed in the Nueva Ecija Regional Trial Court shows the propensity of her recruiters to commit the abominable crime that brought her to the execution line. The outcome of this case shows her innocence and the justness of her desire to be free.

We now challenge the Duterte government to make use of this juncture to assert Mary Jane’s clemency.

We are calling on the innumerable people and groups who sided with Mary Jane until this day to continue the quest to #FreeMaryJaneVeloso.


The complete file of the decision is available at the link below.!AjW9HiQrETecdcAc9S-xmY2rjQw

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