Press Statement, February 25, 2022

Today, we commemorate EDSA Revolution 1986, a glorious day in our country’s history when the collective unity of the Filipino People victoriously ousted former President Ferdinand Marcos, a tyrant, dictator and fascist ruler whose two decades of rule was marked by crony capitalism, corruption, massive poverty, subservience to US imperialism, and grave human rights violations.

We honor the lives, sacrifices and contributions of the thousand men and women all over the country, from the ranks of our workers, peasants, urban poor, students, teachers, church leaders, migrants who valiantly and fearlessly challenged the repressive, anti-people, neoliberal economic policies of the US-Marcos regime and fought to advance the struggle for genuine democracy and freedom. We also honor the memories of those who were unjustly detained, brutally tortured, disappeared and killed for refusing to be silent and oppressed. Many were forced to leave the country and settled abroad due to harassments, intimidations and threat to their life. They are the real heroes and patriots of our country whose stories inspire and remind us of the power and duty we hold in dismantling all forms of domestic and foreign oppression.

Under the US-Marcos regime, our economy weakened, our agricultural and manufacturing industry declined, we became dependent on imports and the Philippines became the only country in Asia to face a debt crisis. The Marcos regime served the interests not of the Filipino people but of US imperialism, foreign corporations and his cronies’. Filipino migrants will never forget the policies implemented during the US-Marcos regime that laid the ground for institutionalizing the systematic export of thousands of Filipinos for cheap labor in the name of “development”. The Marcos regime destroyed our country’s maritime industry and prioritized instead the formation of manning agencies that would recruit and manage the export of our seafarers to global shipping companies. The crisis that the US-Marcos regime created, paved the way for the ongoing forced migration of millions of Filipinos each year who suffer from low wages, discrimination, and exploitation overseas.

The attempts of his son, “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr., the entire Marcos family and their allies to erase and distort history, spread lies and massive disinformation about the lived realities of the Filipino people during the time of the Marcoses two decades long rule and the historic struggle and movement  to topple down this dictatorship will fail. Their shameful attempts to return to power will fail.

Filipino migrants from all over the world who have organized protest actions to reject the US-Marcos regime’s oppressive policies are now joined by the succeeding generation of migrants who are determined to organize and mobilize to defeat Marcos-Duterte and free our country from the chains of US imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. The spirit of the EDSA Revolution is alive and it has proven that the power of a united people unafraid to fight for genuine democracy, freedom and justice will prevail.

The people united will never be defeated! ###