On DFA’s response to Migrante International’s call for the immediate repatriation of 11 stranded seafarers of Ocean Star 86

Trying to save its face, the Department of Foreign Affairs published today its response to an earlier statement by Migrante International castigating Duterte’s officials for their inaction on the plight of 11 seafarers stranded for more than a year inside the ship Ocean Star 86. Just like President Duterte, DFA officials are pathological liars who have mastered the art of deceit. 

If they in DFA have really been making arrangements for their repatriation, why is it that they still have not provided any information to the seafarers and their families? The ship has been docked in Dongshan’s port for more than three days and yet the crews have not heard any update on their repatriation. 

Stranded crews of Ocean Star 86

PHOTO: ABS-CBN News — Teleradyo

From DFA’s own statement, it is plainly obvious that its officials are only good at making “regular representations” to their bureaucratic counterparts in China and the ship owners wearing ties and suits while continuing to leave our wretched kababayans in limbo. If we are to believe DFA, these “regular representations” are supposed to ensure that seafarers will “be paid their salaries and other allowances” but the crews of Star Mariner can attest that they still have not received their unpaid wages and benefits from their ship’s owner since their repatriation in July. 

Ocean Star crews waited for three months before they received relief from the consulate. From July to September, Ocean Star crews have only received food packages three times and every set provided was only good for one week. DFA now wants to play the hero for the rare times it handed food relief. The seafarers requested for alcohol-based disinfectants and face masks but none of these items were included in the packages. 

On Locsin’s tweet rejecting pardon for convicted Filipino ‘drug dealers’ in the Middle East

Locsin’s job is to find out first if these Filipinos were victims of drug traffickers. As for his threat to let the law abroad destroy these incarcerated Filipinos who sought to destroy the people whom Locsin claims as his own, we can never put our faith in Locsin’s words when he allowed convicted killer US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton to leave without a hitch after being granted absolute pardon by President Duterte, another self-confessed murderer. 


TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR 11 STRANDED SEAFARERS OF OCEAN STAR 86! Migrante International lashes out against Duterte’s officials for inaction

Depressed and worn out, 11 Filipino seafarers from the ship Ocean Star 86 have been pleading to the Duterte government for immediate repatriation after being stranded at sea for 1 year and 9 months. Their contracts have already expired in 2019 and yet they continue to be forced to work inside the ship under subhuman conditions. Forced to drink seawater and fed inadequately for many months, they felt some sort of relief during their ship’s dockage at Dongshan’s port in China. However, they fear that it is only temporary and that the ship will be navigating all over again back into the seas. 

The seafarers recently reported their plight to the Philippine consulate in Xiamen but the only response they got was, “Congratulations! What’s the problem and why are you calling us?.” A letter was likewise sent by Migrante International this week to the Department of Foreign Affairs and their case has already been publicized in the media as early as June this year but their pleas have been falling on deaf ears.  The Philippine consulate in Xiamen, DFA and the Duterte government all behave as if they know nothing about the afflictions tormenting these stranded seafarers. 

PHOTO: ABS-CBN News — Teleradyo

During a visit by DFA Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. to the dolomite strip which the government claims to be good for mental health, he uttered more concern for the moat of the US Embassy as he vowed to fix its filling. Is the moat of the US Embassy even more important than the lives of his fellow Filipinos who are now at the end of their ropes? The Duterte regime wasted Php 2 Billion for a newly purchased aircraft intended to transport “senior leaders and commanders, especially in the event of a crisis,” but not a single cent has been spent so far for the repatriation of these 11 wretched seafarers who are right now being battered to near fatality by a raging crisis. This is not only indifference but gross inutility on the part of the Duterte regime. Indonesian crews of the same ship already have scheduled flights back to their country so we do not want to hear any of the Duterte government’s rubbish excuses for its inaction. 

Migrante International is outraged that the Duterte regime continues to show no sense of urgency. We demand immediate repatriation for the 11 stranded seafarers in Dongshan, China and their employers be charged for subjecting the seafarers to horrendous suffering. Their loved ones back home have been waiting in despair. Time is fast running out for these 11 hapless seafarers. They have waited far too long. Urgent help and amelioration must be extended to the seafarers and their families instantly without delay. Bring them home now!


FILIPINO MIGRANTS RESIST DUTERTE’S REIGN OF TERROR! — Migrante International on the 48th Martial Law anniversary

A day before the 48th anniversary of the nationwide Martial Law declaration, Migrante leaders, members and martial law survivors from different Filipino migrant communities brought themselves together through a global online rally to recount the struggle and resistance of the Filipino people during the Marcos dictatorship. The fight for our democratic rights continues to rage on in our present day with the US-Duterte regime’s bloody record of 30 thousand plus extrajudicial killings and the violent persecution of political dissidents.

Filipino migrant leaders, Migrante members and martial law survivors during the September 20 Global Online Rally against Duterte’s Fascist tyranny

The recent passage of House Bill 7137 declaring September 11 as Ferdinand Marcos Day in Ilocos Norte is truly a colossal desecration of our country’s history. Despite all-out efforts by the Duterte regime to rehabilitate the Marcoses and deify them through the legal sanctification of their lies and deceptions, Filipinos hit back with the trending on social media of #ArawNgMagnanakaw on his very birthday. 

Despite living overseas, Martial law survivors have never allowed their stories to be negated or reduced into mere constructs as how enemies of the truth wanted it to be. Life during the Marcos period of cronyism and militarism was far from being a ‘golden age.’ It was during this time that Filipinos saw themselves being peddled as cheap commodities through the systematization of the government’s Labour Export Programme. Yesterday’s global online rally participants likewise equated Marcos’ Martial Law to Duterte’s Terror Law. 

Filipino migrants strongly reject and oppose the Terror Law for it only reinforces state-terror as an official government policy and is certainly Duterte’s way of armouring himself with immunity from criminal liability. The killing spree perpetrated by the Duterte regime has already claimed the lives of Allan Rafael, Bryan Conje and many others from OFW families. 

In April, Migrante Iloilo’s founding organizer Jory Porquia was gunned down right inside his place of residence in Iloilo City. The shedding of innocent blood remains unremitting with the recent killing of Anakpawis Chairperson Randy Echanis and human rights worker Zara Alvarez. The recent call by EU parliamentarians to probe the killings and abuses under the Duterte regime plus the threat of trade sanctions further turned President Duterte into an international outcast at a time when his debasement of the Philippine economy buries the people further into the epicenter of the global crisis. 

OFW repatriates have not been spared from the militarist response of the Duterte regime in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The early stages of the world’s longest lockdown meted out detention-like conditions in quarantine facilities where tens of thousands of Filipino migrants were held for almost a month without access to regular medical and psychosocial services. Most of whom were sent back to their provinces without receiving a single penny of financial aid. In addition, Duterte’s defense and counter-insurgency budget for 2021 is even higher than the planned allocations for public health, assistance and welfare services for OFWs. 

The deployment of PNP outposts in the US, the holding of red tagging seminars by NTF-ELCAC attaches in Philippine embassies and the deportation attempt against a Taiwan OFW early this year for criticizing the government are just among the many attempts of the Duterte regime to outperform his idol Ferdinand Marcos. With the economy nosediving to a negative 16.5% in the second quarter, the gravity of economic collapse being experienced by the country under Duterte has even surpassed the downturn figure from the time of Marcos. 

In sheer desperation, Duterte’s folly of surrounding himself with military cronies may accord him impunity for now. But history attests that no tyrant has ever kept himself on the throne forever. We will rise up once again to reclaim our rights and freedom. Filipino migrants and their families stand with the masses in their boiling outrage against the Duterte regime’s bloody tyranny. Our enduring resistance shall thunder aloud even up to the time when the Duterte terrorist regime will be finally made to pay for its detestable crimes against the Filipino people. 

Filipino migrants resist!

Stop the Killings!

Never Again to Martial Law!

Junk Terror Law!

Marcos NO Hero! 

Oust Duterte Now!


Repatriated seafarers file cases at POEA for unpaid wages and benefits. Pushed for higher allocation for OFW assistance during DFA’s budget hearing at the House of Representatives

About a dozen seafarers trooped to POEA on Tuesday morning to file cases against their recruitment agencies for unpaid wages and benefits amounting up to more than 300 thousand pesos for every crew. Prior to their arrival back to the country on the 23rd of July, these distressed seafarers were stranded off China for months without compensation and regular access to food, water, and hygiene items. The seafarers were accompanied at POEA by volunteers and staff of the OFW advocacy group Migrante International. 

Following their case filing at POEA, the group then proceeded to the Batasan Complex in Quezon City where they were joined by other OFWs and advocates for a picket action. OFWs and seafarers raised their demands in time for the Department of Foreign Affairs’ budget hearing at the House of Representatives this afternoon. 

Jesus Gaboni pleaded on behalf of other stranded seafarers awaiting repatriation. “I am calling on DFA for the speedy repatriation of other stranded seafarers in Sri Lanka, Uruguay and elsewhere in South America; including our fellow seafarers in China inside the ship Ocean Star. Some of them are already drinking contaminated water just to survive. There are those who have already died and their remains need to be repatriated. We already experienced what they’re going through right now. We were starved, made to drink rusty water and were deprived of sleep. Our company did not support us during our ordeal,”  Gaboni exclaimed. 

His voice cracking with emotions, John Mark Tacata said, “0ur experiences inside the ship were horrible. We were treated like animals. They made us work for almost 20 hours daily without rest. How can we work efficiently with empty stomachs? Deprived of access to food, water and other supplies, we were really neglected. Our lives were not valued inside the ship…I hope we will finally be able to claim our unpaid wages and benefits which rightfully belong to us. We risked our lives  so I hope our cries won’t fall on deaf ears. We are considered heroes for contributing to the economy but we keep on getting neglected. I am angry because government officials are only good at promises. We demand that we be given our overdue compensation.”

Migrante International Chairperson Joanna Concepcion bewailed the little funding being allotted for assistance to overseas Filipinos. “Only Php 1.2 Billion was allotted for the Assistance to Nationals Fund and the Legal Assistance Fund for distressed OFWs. This is below 1% of DFA’s total budget. Our rights and welfare are not really valued. There are still thousands upon thousands of OFWs needing assistance and repatriation but how come that we are being told that the government is running out of funds when DFA is ranked 6th among government agencies with the highest income. It had an annual earning of Php 2.3 Billion. Why the minuscule budget for distressed OFWs? We demand that the budget for OFW repatriation be increased. Our stranded seafarers and OFWs need food, water and medical assistance. We don’t want public money to be pocketed by corrupt government officials. Even before the pandemic struck, they’ve been using public money to denigrate migrants’ rights advocates,” Concepcion stated. 

Filipino migrant communities have likewise been decrying about military junkets and red tagging seminars being held in many Philippine embassies and consulates overseas. Migrante and other progressive migrant serving groups are usual targets of the Duterte regime’s smear campaign. The Php 16 Billion budget proposal submitted by the Duterte regime for its National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC) sparked public uproar for its 3,000 % increase at a time when there’s a public health emergency and big multitudes of stranded overseas Filipinos remain neglected and unrepatriated. 

More than 550,000 OFWs were displaced between February to May and this figure is expected to exceed 1 million between the remaining quarter of 2020 and the last half of 2021. Latest DFA report shows that 174 thousand OFWs have been repatriated so far out of the 420,000 from government estimates. Stranded OFWs continue to face hardships as they run out of the means to support their basic necessities. Included among distressed OFWs are hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants as well as thousands of Filipinos who are still languishing in overseas jails. With the help of the Makabayan bloc, Migrante International vowed to press the DFA with its demands during the DFA budget hearing at the House of Representatives. 


ARAW NG MAGNANAKAW: Marcos hindi bayani! Labanan ang alyansang Marcos-Duterte! — Migrante International

As the late tyrant Ferdinand Marcos marks his 103rd birth anniversary, Migrante International joins Martial Law victims and all freedom-loving Filipinos in demonstrating our utmost indignation against efforts by the US-Duterte regime to negate the country’s bloody history during the Marcos dictatorship. The recent move in Congress to declare a Marcos holiday in Ilocos Norte is akin to glorifying all the horrors of corruption, political repression and killings committed during that long dark period in history. 

Thirty-four years after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, the police and the military have continued their long-standing tradition of impunity and violence upon direct orders from the Duterte regime. It is evident that President Duterte and his underlings are sparing no effort to rehabilitate the Marcoses in their lechery to further codify state terror and forever erase from our collective memory the victory of the Filipino people in overthrowing a dictator. Duterte’s Terror Law intends to criminalize adherence to the struggle for national democracy and social justice. 

In the coming days and weeks, global chapters and member organizations of Migrante International will intensify their actions against the Duterte regime’s Fascist agenda. A webinar will be conducted on September 15 featuring Martial Law survivors among overseas Filipinos. To commemorate the 48th anniversary of Martial Law, a global online protest will be held on the 20th of September 2020 to register the fierce resistance of Filipino migrant communities against the loathsome Duterte-Marcos alliance. 

Marcos NO hero!

Never again to Martial Law!

Junk Terror Law!

Duterte-Marcos, walang pinag-iba!

Parehong tuta, diktador, pasista!


NO TO EMERGENCY POWER! With Php 1.3 Billion OFW premiums lost to fraud, Migrante International chides Duterte’s mandatory Philhealth anew

A former Philhealth auditor bared yesterday during the House probe on Philhealth corruption that at least 2.7 Million OFWs lost their premiums amounting to Php 1.3 Billion to another fraudulent scheme. Four years into the Duterte regime, Philhealth officials under investigation for possible collusion with private recruitment agencies have not shown signs of remorse for this massive plunder. This scam has been going on for years but we are yet to see a top Philhealth executive face conviction and be placed behind bars. Setting sight at the tremendous amount of OFW money these crooks can potentially pocket, we can’t help but ask if this is the reason why President Duterte was adamant at imposing the mandatory Philhealth exaction and premium rate hike embedded in his Universal Healthcare Act? 

OFWs are outraged that aside from being treated by the regime as milking cows, they are being robbed in broad daylight through legalized ‘kotong.’ Migrante International rejects another move to grant emergency power to Duterte to deal with Philhealth mess when he himself has been the source of all these troubles by inflicting more agonies upon OFWs, many of whom are now repatriates who did not receive regular medical and psychosocial services during their confinement in quarantine facilities. President Duterte has not only bled our pockets dry but he continues to wallow in his stubbornness by declaring his trust and confidence in recycled officials tainted with corruption complaints namely Health secretary Francisco Duque III and former Philhealth chief Ricardo Morales, one of Duterte’s military cronies. 

Filipinos can no longer subscribe to a privately-dominated paid healthcare system packed by thieves running wildly about with ill-gotten cash. A government that prioritizes the private wealth of its corrupt cronies over public health does not deserve our forbearance but our utmost detestation. 

Korapsyon sa Philhealth, lansagin!

Military cronies ni Duterte, patalsikin!

Public health, HINDI private wealth!

Proteksyon, hindi koleksyon!


PUBLIC HEALTH, HINDI PRIVATE WEALTH! Filipino migrants protest against Phihealth corruption

To protest against Philhealth corruption, OFWs and representatives of Filipino migrant communities from different countries held an online protest on tuesday, 11 August 2020. Philhealth Chief Ret. Ricardo Morales drew harsh criticisms after revealing his planned medical leave of absence at a time when he and other officials are being summoned for congressional investigation. Malacañang stated that President Duterte continues to place his trust and confidence on Morales. Rights’ groups like Migrante International have been castigating the Duterte regime for its militarist cronyism that has bred corruption and other abuses. 

Filipino migrants have been among the most vocal critics following President Duterte’s signing of the ‘Universal Healthcare Law’ last year which dictates mandatory Philhealth membership and premium rate hike on overseas Filipinos. Perry Sorio of Migrante Canada said, “There is anger among our kababayans here in Canada since there is already an existing healthcare program being implemented in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. Migrants including OFWs are covered by Canada’s health insurance program.”

gor 11Aug photo

Nap Pempeña of Migrante USA hit irregularities in  Philhealth’s database. “The oldest living person in the world today is a 117 year-old Japanese citizen but according to  Philhealth, there are 5,000 Filipinos aged 130. These figures showcase their lies. This is how highly confident they are because they are protected by the system.” Pempeña likewise expounded on how the “rotten and privatized healthcare system” in the Philippines is linked to the Labour Export Programme (LEP) since both are Neoliberal policies which makes the government serve foreign capitalist interests. “Amidst the blatant corruption, critics of the Duterte regime are suppressed and silenced. Duterte treats his cronies as innocent until proven guilty while activists and ordinary citizens face shoot-to-kill orders.” Pempeña lamented.

The promotion by Morales of four Philhealth officials involved in the Php 154 Billion lost to ghost patients and deliveries fumed Marlon Lacsamana, secretary general of Migrante Europe. “Philhealth is slowly killing us by milking us with our hard-earned money, that is why we are fervent in our demand to oust Duterte and his military appointees,” Lacsamana said. 

Decrying the Philippines’ healthcare system, Josa, an OFW in UAE said, “with the current healthcare system, it is troublesome to get ill in the Philippines because healthcare is not a right but a commodity that gives profit. We are seeing the government’s real priorities because even at a time when many of our fellow Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad are losing their jobs due to the crisis, we were still struck with the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike. The Duterte regime is like pneumonia, it strikes when there’s least resistance because while the people are on lockdown, it enacted the Terror Bill while Filipinos are being robbed by plunderers.”

Sheila Tebia of Migrante Hong Kong riled against Philhealth’s planned purchase of a laptop worth Php 115 million as part of its Php 2.1 Billion IT project. “The overpricing anomaly was pointed out by no other than Philhealth board member Alejandro Cabading. Instead of adhering to the investigation, Morales even justified the insertion of the overpriced item. It is outrageous that the people’s money which should be spent for medical services are ending up in the personal pockets of corrupt officials.”

Tebia likewise cited former customs chief Nicanor Faeldon who was involved in the 2017 shabu shipment. “Duterte removed him from customs with feigned anger, only to reappoint him as chief of the Bureau of Corrections in 2018. He was removed again in 2019 but he was neither charged nor convicted. This is the same with Mocha, Pimental and Sinas. None of them were punished. This is Duterte’s mark. He pretends to hate corruption but he keeps on reappointing corrupt officials,” Tebia remarked. 

Raising the seafarers’ opposition against the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike, Fr. June Mark Yanez, IFI, a port chaplain of the Seamen’s Mission in Germany said that Philhealth is just another superfluous state exaction. Yanez said that maritime companies already provide medical or health insurance for seafarers. He cited the cases of two Filipino seafarers, one was hit by a train while the other one was amputated after an accident inside the ship. Medical expenses of both seafarers during their stay overseas and their continued treatment back in the Philippines were covered by their company’s insurance program. However, none of them received any assistance from Philhealth. 

Returned OFWs brought to different quarantine facilities in Manila also complained of the absence of health services. Marvin Rimas, a displaced OFW from Dubai said that stranded and distressed OFWs were neglected. He was stuck inside the quarantine facility along with other OFWs for an entire month waiting for delayed test results. Quarantined OFWs were left without psychosocial or medical services especially pregnant women, the elderly and OFW victims of abuse. “The mandatory Philhealth is a very heavy burden for us OFWs because it did not bring any benefit to us while we were abroad where the healthcare system works better. We prefer giving our money directly to our families instead of allowing it to end up in the hands of corrupt officials,” Rimas said.

Marc Rey de Jesus was an OFW for 10 years in Saudi but is now unable to go back to work due to travel restrictions. “There are many OFWs like me who have been stranded and are now unable to go back. We want to undergo medical examinations or health check-ups but we can’t afford the costs. We are out of work so where will get the money to pay for the cost of healthcare? What’s worse is that we are now hearing billions of pesos being lost to corruption instead of being used for medical services. We want these corrupt officials to be removed from office and face justice. It is our right to have a pro-people healthcare system that will really serve the interests of the Filipino people and not the interests of private corporations,” de Jesus exclaimed. 

Dr. Delen de la Paz of Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) attributed the terrible state of the country’s healthcare system to Neoliberal policies. “The government has already buried the country in debt in its claim to address the COVID-19 crisis but where is mass testing? Where is contact tracing? These things are supposed to be supervised by public health experts and medical professionals, not the military and the police. Are there quarantine centers being built where individuals are supposed to get regular health services especially OFWs who are waiting for test results? Why is the government’s handling of the crisis very inefficient? Because it is being supervised by people from the military. The government approach is very militaristic that is why we have been calling for a medical solution and not a military one,” Dr. de la Paz said.

Denouncing Duterte’s military cronyism, Migrante International Chairperson Joanna Concepcion said, “Just like Philhealth’s chief who is a retired military official, those appointed by President Duterte to lead in implementing the measures purported to address the biggest public health crisis are former military officials. This is why COVID-19 cases are rising and the crisis continues to exacerbate.”

Migrante International also demanded justice for slain Anakpawis chairperson Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis and for other victims of Fascist murders committed under the Duterte regime. It expressed condemnation against the Quezon City police for forcibly seizing the body of Echanis from his grieving family. OFWs and Filipino migrant leaders offered their one minute of silence for Ka Randy. The online protest ended with one last round of kalampagan against corruption in Philhealth and in the Duterte government. 




FROM THE DUMPSTER TO THE GRAVE (SUMA 2020): Duterte’s garbage-like treatment of Filipino migrants and families

State of Migrants

Prepared by Migrante International

26 July 2020

FROM THE DUMPSTER TO THE GRAVE (SUMA 2020): Duterte’s garbage-like treatment of Filipino migrants and families 

Not so long ago, many Filipinos were already surviving on a hand-to-mouth existence. In the last four months however, even the most industrious of our kababayans have been reduced into hapless beggars in the streets as the most corrupt of Duterte’s cronies are living their grandest lives in paradise. The Duterte regime’s over reliance on its Labour Export Program is finally taking a toll as more than 551,000 overseas Filipino workers get displaced by the worst global recession ever to hit the world economy since the Great Depression in the 1930s. 

Battered by the world’s longest and harshest lockdown, the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) likely contracted to a whopping 14.3% in the second quarter according to UK-based Oxford economics. 

Exacerbating roots of forced migration and brewing unrest 

Presiding over the death of Philippine agriculture through the Rice Liberalization Law and the absence of a national industry that would withstand external economic turmoils, the Duterte regime is finding itself overwhelmingly polarized further from the masses with 14 Million Filipinos unemployed and 6.4 to 7 Million underemployed as of April. These numbers add up to 20 Million overall. The country’s 22% unemployment rate is the highest in many decades. Even before the COVID-19 global crisis, the Philippines has been consistent as having the highest unemployment rate in the entire Southeast Asian region. 

At least 5.2 million Filipinos experienced hunger in the last three months and the 20.9% hunger incidence rate is the highest since 2014. The increase in the prices of goods have gone unabated after Duterte signed the TRAIN Law in December 2017. Many Filipino households writhe with bill shock over the cost of electricity, water and other services. Meanwhile, Duterte’s economic mismanagement team is pushing for a cut on corporate income tax rates from 30% to 25% in July. 

In terms of social services, Duterte’s reallocation and realignment of budget through the BAHO Act (Bayanihan Heal As One) brought about the reduction of the education budget by Php 21.9 Billion. Last year, the Duterte regime halved the budget for the health department’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Program from P262.9 million in 2019 to only P115.5 million in 2020 while allocation for the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine was slashed by 57%. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, there have been 19 countries that have standing travel advisories against the Philippines with the reappearance of polio after 19 years, all thanks to a very poor public healthcare system. Healthcare workers in the Philippines are not only being overworked and underpaid but are also being forced to work in overcrowded, underfunded and understaffed hospitals. This is exacerbating brain drain in the Philippines. In a country with a privately-dominated healthcare system, the Duterte regime’s much vaunted ‘Universal Healthcare Law’ which he signed last year is marred by corruption in Philhealth. Moreover, OFWs are strongly against the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate increase. 

At about this period last year, President Duterte had no qualms of vetoing even the sanitized version of the anti-endo bill going with the argument that it ‘destroys balance.’ Hypocritically his minions cited contractualization as one of their reasonings in shutting down ABS-CBN, the Philippine government itself is the chief implementer of contractualization with 600,000 government employees deprived of secure tenureship and access to benefits. 

Out of 195 countries in the world, the Philippines is among the world’s top 10 worst countries for workers according to the 2020 global rights index of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The country’s labour force are oppressed through contractualization, regionalization of minimum wage rates and the violent repression of workers through union-busting, red-tagging and murder. NCR’s minimum wage rate of Php 537 per day, the highest in the country, is way below the Php 1,400 / day or Php 42,000 / month  family living wage revealed by former Socioeconomic Secretary Ernesto Pernia of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)

In December 2019, self-rated poverty was already at 54% which translates to 13.1 million families. Expect this number to be even higher now. The Duterte regime is using all manner of tricks to manipulate data and deceive the public just as how PSA pegged the poverty threshold to Php 10,727/month which is akin to the government telling us that any Filipino individual who earns 71 pesos a day is no longer considered poor. We find this ridiculous knowing that 71 pesos a day will never be enough to give a commuting worker a decent meal three times a day. How much more if we add the bills he has to pay plus other basic expenses? 

VIP treatment of OFWs? 

President Duterte’s promise to Filipinos that working abroad will soon become an option is a hoax. The passage in the Lower House of the bill creating an OFW department only means that the government’s Labour Export Programme (LEP) is set to last far longer. But the current global crisis has really shown that over-reliance on LEP does not spur tenable development in the Philippines. 

Malacañang’s so called ‘VIP treatment’ of OFWs is decoded as ‘Very Important Palagatasan’ in the manner by which the regime has forcefully extorted OFWs with all sorts of state exactions. The government did not even set a moratorium on monthly collections from OFWs at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Through the compulsory SSS, OFWs are required to pay for the employer’s share as well. Former SSS Chairman Amado Valdez has revealed SSS’ intention to divert reserve funds as additional investments in Duterte’s Build Build Build projects where profits go directly to big private contractors while OFWs would have to meet life-threatening accidents or even death before they could even get the additional insurance benefits promised to them by the government agency. The most despised Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) remains a money-making scheme that is being used by the government to forcibly collect other state exactions. 

The Universal Healthcare Law signed by President Duterte himself in February 2019 indicated an annual premium rate increase from the current 3% to 5% in 2025. This year alone, OFWs are expected to pay between Php 10,835 to Php 21,600 which is a one-year worth of Philhealth contribution. On 3 May, about 191 Filipino migrant organizations signed a joint position statement against PhilHealth Circular No. 2020-0014 entitled “Premium Contribution and Collection of Payment of Overseas Filipino Member” which was made public on 22 April. Aside from this, there was an online petition opposing the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike which garnered 463,696 signatories. Scrambling to save face after a massive uproar from OFWs, Malacanang suspended the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike. 

Nevertheless, the Duterte regime is pushing hard once more with its implementation despite enormous opposition from more than 80 Filipino migrant organizations from different leanings during an online consultation hosted by Philhealth on 3 July. Filipino migrants have been arguing that they are already covered by existing health insurance in host countries and Philhealth is not valid in overseas hospitals. The government is unmoved by the objection of OFWs. The Makabayan bloc in Congress has filed House Bill No. 6698 to amend the Universal Healthcare Law and remove the mandatory Philhealth, the penalty and the premium rate increase imposed on OFWs. 

The corruption scandal involving Philhealth officials remains unresolved. The agency lost Php 154 Billion to ghost patients, overpayment and fake deliveries. After Duterte asked all Philhealth board members to resign, Philhealth board member Francisco Duque III is exempted from investigations despite his involvement in the Php 500 Million malversation scandal in 2004. Very recently, COA flagged Philhealth’s overpriced IT project worth Php 2.1 Billion. COA auditors found irregularities. The Duterte regime seeks to penalize wretched OFWs if they fail to remit their Philhealth contributions while Philhealth itself reeks of corruption.  

Between the period 2019 to 2020, OWWA’s cash assets totaled Php 19.5 Billion. DFA has Php 1 Billion for its Assistance to Nationals and Php 200 Million as a Legal Assistance Fund. To date, 3,782 overseas Filipinos continue to languish in jail since there has been no adequate legal support for migrants facing legal cases abroad. 1000 of these jailed OFWs are in Saudi Arabia where 15 are currently on death row. In the case of Mary Jane Veloso, it took 10 years before she was given a chance to finally speak against her traffickers but her deposition is yet to become a reality despite the conviction of Mare Jane’s recruiters in January. Duterte is not doing anything for Mary Jane’s clemency. 

Over 400 OFWs have died in Kuwait alone in the past three years including Constancia Dayag and Jeanelyn Villavende. Duterte’s appointment of Mocha Uson as OWWA Executive director despite her ala rescue mission publicity stunt in Kuwait which endangered OFW lives continues to appall Filipino migrant communities. OFW victims and their families are deprived of welfare justice. During the Taal volcano eruption in January, affected OFW families only received between Php 1,500 and Php 3,000 each from OWWA’s Calamity Assistance Fund even for those OFWs who have been OWWA contributors for more than 20 years.  

We have seen how the government has handled the case of Mary Jean Alberto where it took 11 days before the Philippine embassy provided a lawyer to process the death certificate and reclaim her belongings. By then, the employer’s house had been cleared of possible pieces of evidence.

In the US, 70 Filipino teachers were among 300 victims of human trafficking. No concrete action from the Philippine embassy and consulates to address their pleas. In the Philippines, there has also been a proliferation of Japanese language schools victimizing students who pay up to US$5000 for placement, only to end up as manual labourers in Japan.

The Duterte regime pretends to solve the modern-day slavery of Filipino migrants by simply pimping them out from Kafala-imposing countries into what it sees as newer ‘labour markets’ like Russia and China. 

Middle East crisis

Failing to learn from the lessons of Iraq, Syria and Libya, the Duterte regime refused to take heed of repeated warnings and did not even bother to create a comprehensive evacuation plan. As early as the 2nd quarter last year, armed clashes between KSA and Yemeni forces have already reached deeper into Saudi territory especially in the border regions of Asir, Jizan, Najran where more than 40 thousand Filipinos live and work. While in Lebanon, stranded and distressed OFWs flocked to the Philippine Embassy in Beirut in December 2019 for mass repatriation. Many were dejected with the embassy’s instruction for them to submit documents like passport, birth and marriage certificate to avail of the government’s ‘one-time’ repatriation program. OFW victims of maltreatment argued that their documents are being withheld from them by their abusive employers. 

During the US-conflict with Iran, President Duterte did not take a strong stance against US military aggression in the Middle East. The US threat of war against Iran endangered the Middle East where about 2.4 Million Filipino migrants reside and work and the risks they faced were furthered by Duterte’s pro-US default position. Instead of sending a humanitarian mission composed of healthcare professionals, translators and social workers, Duterte tapped 800 soldiers for deployment. The militarization of the evacuation efforts from the Middle East jeopardized OFW safety. Duterte’s enemy tag on Iran only made AFP a hostile force in the Middle East which was detrimental to its supposed task of evacuating Filipinos to safety. It showed how the Duterte regime was more than willing to turn Filipinos in Iraq and Iran into collateral pawns in favour of US aggression against the Iranian people.

The appointment of DENR Secretary Cimatu in January 2020 as Middle East envoy was likewise reprehensible. Lest we forget that in 2003, it was none other than OWWA which confirmed that no evacuation took place at all during the US-Iraq War despite the release of US$293,500 to Pabaon General Cimatu. Instead, the budget allocation was used to purchase military assets and the troops sent were actually ordered to aid the US military in its terrorist war of aggression in Iraq. 

Economies of countries in the Gulf region are in the process of meltdown even before the global pandemic. 270 Filipinos were retrenched by Structurel and Qatar Airways in March. Over 23,000 Filipinos have lost jobs in Kuwait while 81,000 across the UAE were either terminated or under No-Work No-Pay status. Numbers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are believed to be even higher. Those who have retained employment are hit with 20% to 70% reductions in their salaries according to Migrante chapters in the Middle East. Contract substitution remains rampant. Many are being forced to work with unpaid salaries for months and subjected to physical and emotional abuse. 

COVID-19 crisis 

With 420,000 OFWs expected to be repatriated due to the crisis, remittances plunged to a 4-yr low  in April at $2.276 Billion, down 16.1% from $2.715 billion year on year. For the first four months of 2020, cumulative remittances was down to $10.494 Billion, a 2.9% decrease from $10.811 billion of the same period last year. In 2019, OFW remittances totaled $33.5 Billion, 10% of the Philippines’ GDP. Analysts expect remittances to plummet between $6.7 Billion to $10 Billion this year due to overseas mass retrenchments and displacements. 

As of 25 July 2020, there are 9,239 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 653 deaths among Filipinos abroad. 381 or 58% of recorded COVID-19 deaths are in the Middle East. The first reported case was in February when a seafarer was infected. Meanwhile, OFW families back in the Philippines are getting impoverished further by the world’s longest and harshest lockdown. Just as how the Duterte regime is mishandling the impacts of the Middle East crisis on OFWs, it does not have a comprehensive plan for Filipino migrants affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Migrante International and other sectoral groups even filed a Mandamus petition before the supreme court on 3 July to demand mass testing and release of accurate data. 

Over 550,000 Filipino migrants are surfacing as either displaced, terminated or under no-work no pay status. Day by day, OFWs are running out of cash to pay for their house rent, food, and other basic necessities.

President Duterte created a COVID-19 interagency task force without a single epidemiologist as member. After overborrowing hundreds of billions in loans and exacting higher state exactions, the government posted a budget surplus of Php 1.8 Billion in June and at the beginning of the lockdown, Duterte still asked for emergency powers despite having Php13 Billion as Contingency Fund and Php 16 Billion Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund. Migrant workers are always the government’s preferred extortion victims but they are never compensated with adequate welfare assistance. OFW families were also barred from availing DSWD’s Social Amelioration Package. 

Many of those who were repatriated found themselves stuck for a month-long incarceration period instead of the promised 14-days because of delays in the release of test results. Contrary to government propaganda of promised hotel accommodations, OFWs were seen in a viral video clip in April languishing in an overcrowded OWWA shelter in Pasay City. They already underwent proper isolation in Kuwait but were packed like sardines at the OWWA shelter, sleeping on floors, and subjected to food and water scarcity. 

Distressed OFWs fleeing detention-like quarantine facilities were treated like fugitive criminals while NCRPO Chief Debold Sinas, Mocha Uson, Koko Pimentel and Bong Go are enjoying full impunity. To date, nobody in the Philippine Coast Guard has been sanctioned for publishing on social media in May the google drive link containing a masterlist of OFW names who tested negative. The Google link was without online security to safeguard sensitive data and protect OFWs from identity theft.

The Duterte regime’s imposed entry quota in the early months of the lock down, from less than 1,000 then to 1,500 was only meant to buy time as the government scrambles to absorb the almost half a million Filipino migrants demanding repatriation and other assistance. DFA says that it will take until August before it is able to repatriate all 117,000 OFWs requesting for repatriation. The number should still be higher as there are still tens of thousands unable to leave the premises of their abusive employers who refuse to provide them with exit visas. DFA’s complacency with its figures show its lack of foresight which is disastrous for affected OFWs. 

DFA Usec. Sarah Arriola even went to the point of hurling cyberlibel and jail threats against starving OFWs in Saudi Arabia who posted online videos while they were scavenging for food from dumpsters after their pleas for urgent amelioration and repatriation remained unheard for months. DFA even lied claiming that an OFW has already been arrested for posting ‘staged’ videos on social media. The OFWs have denied this and none of them have been arrested. Jeffrey Yape, one of the fellow workers of scavenging OFWs died without receiving substantial help from the government. DFA Usec. Arriola would rather serve as damage controllers for abusive employers of exploited OFWs. Philippine Ambassador to KSA Adnan Alonto on the other hand insulted starving OFWs and tagged the viral video as mere theatrics

The string of suicide cases among stranded OFWs do not seem to alarm the Duterte regime. Without psychosocial support and substantial relief from the government, the militarized lockdown will surely take the hardest toll on the mental health of many OFWs displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. Experts say that its impact on mental health could outlast the virus itself. Prior to getting repatriated, these OFWs have already endured traumatic experiences while working overseas. 

Believed to be caused by severe stress, anxiety and depression, an OFW in Pasay City committed suicide on 26 April. According to her fellow repatriates, she has already attempted suicide twice and they have been stuck at the quarantine facility since 3rd of April but were neither provided with substantial aid nor psychosocial support. Two seafarers also died of suicide in May and June aboard their cruise ships. On June 4, Melvin Cacho ended his life in Thailand after a prolonged period of depression. He recounted in the last words he penned that he was without work, without pay and has been unable to eat anything. Thailand is one of the many countries excluded from the Duterte regime’s DOLE AKAP cash aid program. In Alberta, Canada, workers complain that they only received $100 instead of $200. Located in Alberta, Cargill meat processing plant already has 1,000 cases of COVID-19 among its workers, majority of whom are Filipinos under the Temporary Workers Program. 

The DOLE AKAP’s $200 cash aid program excluded so many groups of Filipino migrants like OFWs in jail, trafficking victims, undocumented Halaw’s in Sabah, Au Pairs in Europe and J1 visa holders in the US. In Australia alone, there are 8,000 Filipino international students who have not received assistance from the Philippine government. They are prohibited from applying for work even as they continue to pay for housing rent and other expenses. As of July 4, there have already been 551,000 applications for assistance from land-based and sea-based workers according to DOLE. This reflects the total number of OFWs displaced by the COVID-19 crisis but only 188,000 who have received cash aid so far. Cash aid distribution is very poor considering that in Europe, there are 130,000 undocumented Filipinos and there are 100,000 seafarers worldwide waiting to receive cash aid. Labour secretary Bello fears that as many as 1 Million Filipino migrants will lose their jobs. The $200 cash aid won’t even suffice for one month to sustain the needs of their families. 

On March 29 and 30, there were 1,300 OFWs who trooped to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh to process the DOLE AKAP cash aid and the food assistance promised by Labor Attache Nasser S. Mustafa.  It turned out that 5 to 9 OFWs were asked to divide among themselves the promised food assistance. The entire process was full of panic and stress. Philippine embassy officials harassed the OFWs and called the police to drive them out. Many OFWs were outraged since they feared being caught by the 3pm curfew and many of them travelled all the way from distant cities and locations in Saudi. 

As for Filipino migrants repatriated back to the Philippines, the world’s longest lockdown has left thousands of OFWs stranded in NCR. Many of these repatriates are now penniless after a month-long wait for medical services and financial aid that never came. OFWs complain that they are being dumped like garbage in Metro Manila’s airport terminals. Starved and made to sit close to heaps of junk airport equipment. Hundreds were likewise seen sleeping along roads, pathways and under bridges leading to NAIA. 


PHOTO: ABS-CBN News (4 June 2020) Stranded OFWs sleeping at NAIA’s walkway.

It can be also remembered that in April, OFWs en route to their quarantine facility in Lian, Batangas were stranded for almost 24 hours after the LGUs opposed the arrival of busloads of repatriates. LGUs blasted OWWA for failing to coordinate with local officials. The OFWs arrived at their quarantine facility famished and worn out. 

With the cessation of ship operations, 20,000 seafarers are already out of work. Tens of thousands of others remain stranded aboard their ships and are demanding repatriation. Seafarers Raul Calopez and Stanley Jungco died without receiving medical attention. Their cries for help directed to the Duterte government fell on deaf ears. House Bill 6588 or the Magna Carta of Seafarers filed by the Makabayan bloc which could have served better protection for Filipino seafarers remains out of the Duterte regime’s priorities. 

The militarized approach to address a public health emergency situation has made AFP very active in crafting Fascist methods to contain the movements of repatriates. In March, AFP Westmincom proposed to isolate 131 stranded ship passengers from Sabah in Sibakil Island where they will be confined in scorching tents. These Filipinos have already experienced all sorts of sufferings in Sabah including abuse, caning and imprisonment. Instead of prioritizing their welfare, AFP Westmincom was very keen on setting up a concentration camp for them in an uninhabited island far from healthcare and social welfare facilities. 

Duterte’s far-reaching Fascist tyranny

Filipino migrant communities overseas have not been spared by the Duterte regime’s Fascist assaults. The creation of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC) also brought about the fielding of military attaches in Philippine embassies who conduct redtagging seminars to discredit right-based advocacies of migrants’ groups. 

At a time when the pandemic and humanitarian crisis was raging, NTF ELCAC funded military junkets like that of Maj. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.’s  ‘peace briefing’ at the Philippine consulate in Melbourne, Australia where he red-tagged Migrante Australia and other progressive groups. NTF ELCAC likewise sponsored a redtagging fora conducted at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos and University of St. La Salle on 24 August by 303rd IBPA in Bacolod City where Migrante International along with other rights-based groups were tagged as “NPA recruiters.”

For expressing her criticisms against the Duterte regime’s inutility, Elanel Ordidor was harassed by POLO officials in Taiwan which included Labor Attaché Fidel V. Macauyag. DOLE even raised a deportation order against Ordidor but their attempts were thwarted following denunciations from different rights groups in Taiwan and from Filipino organizations in other countries. 

Even worse, the Duterte regime is systematically persecuting and having a killing rampage against migrants rights advocates and ordinary members of OFW families. Bryan Conje, the son of a Saudi-based OFW was a victim of extrajudicial killing after he was reportedly abducted by elements of PNP in Navotas in July 2019. Anne Kreuger who worked closely with Migrante during the justice campaign for slain OFW Henry Acorda was among the Bacolod57 illegally arrested in November based on trumped-up charges and fabricated evidence planted by Bacolod PNP. On April 30, Jory Porquia was assassinated right inside his place of residence in Iloilo City. Porquia was a founding organizer of Migrante Iloilo and whose profession as an architect brought him to Saudi Arabia, Singapore and China as an OFW and migrant rights’ activist. 

The recent passage of the Terror Law is the Duterte regime’s nullification of democratic rights. Human rights groups know for certain that this will be used by the Duterte regime to persecute his critics and keep himself immune from liability for all atrocious crimes committed by state forces under his watch. 184 Filipino migrant organizations sent an open letter to the 18th Congress urging house representatives to prevent its enactment. Ignoring widespread opposition, President Duterte signed the Terror Bill. 

For freedom-loving Filipino migrants and their families, they will no longer be deceived by flowery and colourful words from President Duterte when he delivers his 2020 State of the Nation Address. Even outside of the Phlippines, Filipino migrants themselves are experiencing extortion, criminal negligence, harassment and terrorism from the Duterte regime. Filipino migrants and their families are more determined than ever to unite with the Filipino masses, to stand up and speak in the struggle to terminate the Duterte regime’s puppetry, corruption and tyranny. 



OFW families and advocates hold candle lighting service for dead seafarers and stranded Filipino migrant workers. Makabayan bloc cited the government’s lack of foresight as disastrous to OFW welfare.

In a symbolic action before the head office of the Department of Foreign Affairs on friday, 17 July, a prayer service and candle-lighting was conducted by families of stranded seafarers and OFWs along with advocates from various groups like the Mission to Seafarers, the International Seafarers’ Action Center and Migrante International. In his prayer, Fr. Mario Quince of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente said, “We are united in the call for the urgent repatriation of seafarers and OFWs who are currently stranded in different corners of the world. We hope that DFA will devote plenty of time to provide immediate response to the pleas of stranded OFWs, seafarers and their families so that they can return back home.”

Mary Rose Valenzona longs for the safe return of her sister Michelle from Saudi Arabia. “Every day and night, before we go to sleep, we are always hoping that tomorrow, she will be with us so that we will no longer have to worry for her life. All we are asking is for our loved ones to be rescued from their abusive employers. Our troubles are already consuming us. Please have mercy on us.”

Anti-trafficking and migrant rights’ advocate Pastor Marie Sol Villalon from the United Methodist Church prayed that the “DFA will give justice, welfare and service to fellow Filipinos who had to leave for overseas deployment because there are no secure jobs in the country. We offer our thoughts for OFWs who have died and whose remains are still not recovered and brought back. Their families are suffering for being unable to see their loved ones.”

17 defa

Holding the photos of deceased seafarers, Migrante International Chairperson Joanna Concepcion said, “We are honouring OFWs who died overseas after not getting medical attention from their employers, their companies, the host country and of course, from their very own government. Raul Calopez and Stanley Jungco died without receiving medical attention. They have long been asking for help but the government is not responding. As early as march, our stranded seafarers in China have been pleading with government agencies but it was only after their plight was featured in the media that they began taking some steps. Is the government waiting for OFWs to die or get sick before they come to their aid?”  

The prayer service closed with a candle lighting ceremony to honour OFWs and seafarers who have passed away during the COVID-19 global crisis. The families of OFWs and seafarers then proceeded to the Assistance to Nationals desk to file for repatriation requests. They also sought for a dialogue with OWWA which is expected to be held Saturday afternoon, 18 July. 

During a hearing conducted by the Committee of the Overseas Workers’ Affairs (COWA) at the House of Representatives, Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdie Gaite raised the issue of stranded OFWs who were denied exit visas by their employers who abandoned them. DFA pointed to labour attaches whom it claims are responsible for facilitating the exit visas but are hesitant in shouldering the deployment costs necessary for exit visa issuance.

According to DFA, there are 10,151 OFWs requesting for repatriation from Saudi Arabia. Bayan Muna Rep. Kaloi Zarate questioned DFA figures saying that there might be more, even up to a million OFWs worldwide, who will want to be repatriated in the coming months and years. Zarate cited the lack of foresight which will be disastrous for the welfare of affected OFWs. Gabriela Representative Arlene Brosas called the attention of DFA on OFW families who have been seeking for a dialogue. Philippine ambassador to KSA Adnan Alonto promised to engage but DFA Undersecretary Sara Arriola did not respond categorically. 

Migrant advocates from the Mission to Seafarers, International Seafarers’ Action Center, Migrante International and Makabayan bloc legislators vow to continue raising the call for the immediate repatriation of stranded Filipino migrants and putting pressure on the Philippine government to urgently act on the long-standing demands of affected OFWs both sea-based and land based. 


AYUDA HINDI DIKTADURA: Filipino migrants stage indignation protest against Duterte’s Terror Law

Just when tensions were brewing among PNP and AFP officials over the killing of intel officers in Jolo, Sulu last week, President Duterte signed the contentious Terror Law on friday,  3 July 2020 despite mounting opposition from the public. Human rights groups fear that the law will surely be used by the Duterte regime to persecute its critics and nullify the democratic rights of the civilian population. In response, OFWs staged a global online indignation protest and noise barrage on Wednesday, 9 July 2020 which was streamed live on Migrante International’s Facebook account.

Migrante International Chairperson Joanna Concepcion lashed out at President Duterte for signing the terror law with the intent to sow fear and silence outspoken Filipinos who want to express their opinions and criticisms against the unjust and inhumane policies of the Duterte regime. “Fascism and the criminal negligence of the Duterte regime are the primary threats to the lives of the Filipino people in the last four years and even more so at this time of the pandemic..the government is tormenting the lives of our OFWs further with the absence of a comprehensive, organized and coordinated plan to protect their health and welfare. OFWs are crying out and asking, ‘Where’s the promised relief?’”, Concepcion lamented.

Adelaida ‘Nene’ Legazpi, a trafficking victim bewailed the inaction of government and Philippine embassy officials to a formal complaint she filed in 2018 along with 70 other trafficked professional Filipino teachers who were swindled by their recruiters. “Through Migrante, I was able to learn about my rights. It is important to fight for our rights and break our silence especially at this time when we migrants are being repressed.”


Even if she was able to graduate after completing her studies, Lourdes,’ (not her real name), was still forced to leave the Philippines because of the scarcity of regular jobs. She has worked as a domestic helper in Hongkong and as a caregiver in Taiwan. Lourdes eventually landed in Canada as a legal worker but was later deprived of a work permit renewal after transferring to Toronto where she was ripped off by a fake agent. As a vulnerable undocumented worker, Lourdes fell victim to exploitation in a sandwich-processing factory which was forced to closed down at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The DOLE-AKAP cash aid worth 277 Canadian dollars is not enough that is why I’m risking my life to survive and to continually support my loved ones back home. With the enactment of oppressive laws like the mandatory Philhealth and Terror Law, instead of receiving government help, we fear that we will be tagged as terrorists for merely speaking up about the issues we face.”

Marlon Lacsamana, secretary general of Migrante Europe assailed the Duterte regime’s Fascist attacks against migrants and the democratic rights of the Filipino people. “We have disproven all their black propaganda against us especially now that they’ve shut down the operations of embassies and consulates as overseas Filipinos are left without aid. We are outraged because the Philippine government prioritized the Terror Law and the trampling of our democratic rights that is why Migrante Europe calls for the ouster of the Fascist Duterte regime,’ Lacsamana said. 

Nick Delfin of Hongkong denounced the Duterte regime’s imposition of rate hikes in mandatory state exactions like SSS and Philhealth. Delfin used to only pay around Php 1760 for SSS, but was utterly shocked when it rose to Php 2400 in April 2019. “The government should know that OFW salaries are not increasing and our loved ones in the Philippines whom we financially support are struggling daily with painful increases in the prices of goods and services,” Delfin deplored. 

During the online protest, indignation against the Terror Law was also expressed through artistic performances by Danny Fabella and HIMIGRANTE of Thailand. A video clip sent by 11 seafarers who have been stranded in China for three months was also shown. The seafarers called for their immediate rescue since they had not been receiving their salaries and their passports were confiscated by the ship’s captain. One of the seafarers said, “we do not have access to medication that is why we are so worried over our health. Our family back home have been raising our plight to government agencies like OWWA and we have already informed the Philippine embassy but nothing is happening. We appeal that we be rescued immediately.”

Seafarers are among the sectors heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis. According to Atty. Edwin dela Cruz of the International Seafarers’ Action Center, there are 300,000 stranded seafarers worldwide. Dela Cruz decried the government’s abandonment of seafarers and the very small number beneficiaries of the $200 financial aid that is not even enough to sustain their needs in the last four months of the lockdown. Due to the government imposed quota of 2,000 OFW repatriations daily, the number of stranded migrants are mounting due to flight cancellations. Those who managed to return back to the Philippines are standed locally due to a shortage in transportation. “Since many are starting to speak up, seafarers are being repressed to prevent them from expressing their real sentiments. Some seafarers are even being asked to sign papers that forbid them from accepting media interviews or posting their grievances online. Now that there’s a Terror Law, dissent can now be misinterpreted as inciting to terrorism. Including telling the truth that may terrify the Filipino people since we know that government actions have really been terrifying. This is what the Terror Law does,” Dela Cruz concluded.