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IOM – Interim Report of the Philippine Elections 2022

Click this link to access the interim report: https://ichrp.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/2022-05-18_IOM_InterimReport.pdf

Global Online Protest Against Massive Electoral Fraud and Disenfranchisement of Filipinos at Home and...

https://youtu.be/18kSB19q_Qs MIGRANTE International May 13, 2022 COMELEC and Smartmatic must be held accountable to the widespread electoral fraud! Reject the return to power of the Marcoses & Duterte! Massive...

Filipino Migrants Unite with the Working Class!

Overseas Filipinos for Leni-Kiko! No to Marcos-Duterte! May 1, 2022 International Labor Day commemorates the historical struggles of the working class for dignity in labor, job security,...

Overseas Filipinos Global Online Labour Day 2022