“Terror bill adds more fuel to state terror and impunity ” — Migrante International

Migrante International condemns in the strongest terms the passage of the Senate’s Terror Bill on Wednesday. Gravely infringing on the right to due process and other civil liberties, it will only embolden lawbreakers in the Duterte regime’s “security” and “law enforcement” agencies to escalate acts of terror against the Filipino people. Under this monstrous bill, anyone can be subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention on the basis of mere suspicion. 

It has not only blurred and broadened the already vague state-definition of terrorism but it has likewise granted more immunity to the police and the military in their atrocious drive to suppress free speech and legitimate dissent. For exposing the Duterte regime’s gross negligence and cruelties, advocacy groups and research institutions are being branded as terrorists by Duterte’s stooges. A few weeks ago, AFP Solcom Chief Major General Antonio Parlade vilified Migrante International and other progressive groups in a red-tagging junket in Australia. Meanwhile, surveillance and harassment continue to hound members, volunteers and coordinators of Migrante Philippines including a member of the executive committee of Migrante International in the home front. 

PHOTO: Philippine Star

AFP and PNP have long been the breeding grounds of the goriest of despicable criminals like Jovito Palparan, guilty of terrorizing and murdering civilians. Just this week, Bacolod’s CIDG Chief Melvin Madrona was caught in the act of extorting a business owner after illegally arresting his employees. Recently, the NCRPO division of the Philippine National Police drew nationwide ire after profiling transwomen and Muslim students in Metro Manila. 

Lest we also forget that South Korean businessman Jee Ick-Joo was kidnapped and set aflame by a ruthless gang of policemen right inside Camp Crame. His ashes were flushed down the toilet. Based on mere suspicion, OFW-cancer patient Allan Rafael was illegally arrested and died from torture under police custody after being robbed by PNP personnel in Recto, Manila. These are some of the countless terror stories that ordinary civilians recount in their everyday lives under the bloody reign of the US-Duterte regime. Justice continues to be denied from the thousands of victims of extrajudicial killings and state terror under the US-Duterte regime. The Terror Bill will only worsen the prevalent culture of impunity in the Philippines. 

We demand the immediate junking of the Terror Bill and we call on the Filipino people to vigorously oppose the US-Duterte regime’s Fascist efforts to trample on the rights and freedom of the Filipino people. Duterte’s tyrannical regime is the real terrorist!

Junk Terror Bill!

Resist tyranny!

Stop the attacks!