The family of Maryjane Veloso arrived last night, January 14, 2016, with high hopes after a four day trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia, where they visited Maryjane and celebrated her birthday.

The family, accompanied by DFA and Philippine Embassy officials together with their Philippine and Indonesian lawyers and Migrante, arrived in Indonesia on January 11, 2017. They visited Maryjane on January 12, 2017 and held a simple birthday celebration for her inside the Wirongunan Lembaga prison in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

They returned to Wironguan prison on January 13, 2017 and spent the whole morning with Maryjane. They cuddled, bantered, and exchanged stories. She again recounted her various activities in prison to while away her time, and gave to her family items that she made in prison. Mark Darren, the youngest son rendered a song for her mother, and Maryjane also sang a translated version of My Heart Believes orHatiku Perkaya and the Philippine National Anthem. The Philippine Embassy and Foreign Affairs attended to her needs and bought her a number of personal supplies. She became emotional as the end of the visiting hours came nearer.

Towards the end of the prison visit, the group gathered for a closing prayer led by one of Maryjanes spiritual advisers, a Jesuit brother. She was asked to read the gospel taken from John 15: 4 7, and gave a brief reflection. She said the message of the gospel reading gave her hope and inspiration. She also lead in reciting the Lords prayer and the rosary. While she still can converse in Filipino, she is now much fluent in Bahasa.

The visit ended at 11:30 a.m. As she bade goodbye to her family, she wished that she can soon enjoy their company outside the prison walls and without prison guards hovering around them. She longingly told her expectant children that she is praying hard for her to come home by December to celebrate Christmas with them.