31 years after EDSA, wield “people power” vs. Duterte’s fascism and broken vows – Migrante

hr-day-tarpOn the 31st anniversary commemoration of the EDSA People Power uprising, global alliance of overseas Filipinos and families Migrante International led protests worldwide in condemning the Duterte government’s “state fascism” and “broken vows”.

“Today’s commemoration happens at a time when the nation is once again engulfed in a new dark era, that of the Duterte government’s rising Marcosian rule amid worsening social injustices. We are gathered here in EDSA today because OFWs and their families stand against human rights violations. We lend our voices against this government’s political suppression and repression of its critics and perceived enemies. We vow to fight any and all forms of curtailment of our civil liberties. What we have stood for in 1986 remains true to this day. Makibaka, huwag matakot,” said Arman Hernando, Migrante-Youth Spokesperson.

Hernando said that today’s EDSA People Power uprising commemoration is also testament to the Filipino people’s continuing clamor for genuine change. “Barely a year into the Duterte presidency, it has become evident that no genuine change awaits the nation. His broken vows include that of ending forced migration and a policy of labor export that cater only to the ruling elite, big business and foreign interests. While we celebrate and commemorate EDSA today, we also affirm our struggle to fight for genuine change. “

“Joblessness, contractualization, landlessness, lack of basic social services and other social injustices are not being addressed. These are the roots of forced migration, the reasons why millions of our OFWs are being forced to leave their families just to survive. These are also the roots of the ongoing armed conflict, that only fundamental societal change can resolve,” Hernando said.

Like in the Marcos era, he said, Duterte’s all-out war against the people will only further force Filipinos to seek security and refuge abroad.

“We call on all freedom-loving Filipinos around the world to rise against state fascism. Let us push the Duterte government to address the root causes of the armed conflict through the resumption of the GRP-NDFP peace talks. The lesson of EDSA is that collective action and struggle can and will defeat fascism. Only through collective action and struggle can the Filipino people ultimately topple the rotten, corrupt system that has produced one tyrant leader after another,” he said. ###