ARAW NG MAGNANAKAW: Marcos hindi bayani! Labanan ang alyansang Marcos-Duterte! — Migrante International

As the late tyrant Ferdinand Marcos marks his 103rd birth anniversary, Migrante International joins Martial Law victims and all freedom-loving Filipinos in demonstrating our utmost indignation against efforts by the US-Duterte regime to negate the country’s bloody history during the Marcos dictatorship. The recent move in Congress to declare a Marcos holiday in Ilocos Norte is akin to glorifying all the horrors of corruption, political repression and killings committed during that long dark period in history. 

Thirty-four years after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, the police and the military have continued their long-standing tradition of impunity and violence upon direct orders from the Duterte regime. It is evident that President Duterte and his underlings are sparing no effort to rehabilitate the Marcoses in their lechery to further codify state terror and forever erase from our collective memory the victory of the Filipino people in overthrowing a dictator. Duterte’s Terror Law intends to criminalize adherence to the struggle for national democracy and social justice. 

In the coming days and weeks, global chapters and member organizations of Migrante International will intensify their actions against the Duterte regime’s Fascist agenda. A webinar will be conducted on September 15 featuring Martial Law survivors among overseas Filipinos. To commemorate the 48th anniversary of Martial Law, a global online protest will be held on the 20th of September 2020 to register the fierce resistance of Filipino migrant communities against the loathsome Duterte-Marcos alliance. 

Marcos NO hero!

Never again to Martial Law!

Junk Terror Law!

Duterte-Marcos, walang pinag-iba!

Parehong tuta, diktador, pasista!