Arnold Clavio, Azkals: Migrante Int’l welcomes debate on citizenship, nationality

We in Migrante International welcome the healthy and timely debate on Filipino concerns which deal with nationality, race and citizenship which was sparked by Arnold Clavio’s controversial statements on some members of the Philippine Azkals embroiled in a scandal.

We look forward to joining the discussions — and we could be sure that OFWs, expat Pinoys, Filipino migrants and all those with Filipino lineage are interested as well. Based on our experience, this is an issue that migrant workers and overseas Filipino face both here and abroad. It is about time that we raise issues such as this to discussions about history and current conditions, equity and opportunity, discrimination and affirmative action, and what preferential option our country and people wish to give and to whom.

Complex as they are, nationality, race and citizenship are concepts and realities that are best discussed and confronted with sobriety and openness from all sides – and always within the context of respect for human rights and civil liberties.

We however hope this issue does not derail us from finding out the truth about the serious charges against our Azkals. Regardless of nationality and citizenship issues, those charges should be investigated and, if probable cause exists, the accused persons should be brought to the courts.###