Arrest Mary Jane’s alleged trafficker now, gov’t told; Alleged trafficker back in Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Alleged recruiter and trafficker Maria Kristina P. Sergio (Photo from Veloso family)
Alleged recruiter and trafficker Maria Kristina P. Sergio (Photo from Veloso family)

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos Migrante International today urged the Philippine government to arrest, without further ado, Mary Jane Veloso’s alleged recruiter and trafficker Maria Kristina P. Sergio.

Sergio, according to Mary Jane and her family’s accounts, was responsible for recruiting Mary Jane to Malaysia before duping her into carrying a luggage filled with heroin to Indonesia.

Sergio is the live-in partner of Mary Jane’s god-brother (kinakapatid), Julius Nacanilao. Nacanilao’s father is Mary Jane’s ninong (godfather).

According to Mary Jane’s family, Sergio allegedly left her residence in Talavera, Nueva Ecija when news of Mary Jane’s case broke out in national and international media this March. Last night, Mary Jane’s mother Celia got news from Mary Jane’s mother-in-law, Tessie Candelaria, that Sergio has moved back to her house.

Hindi namin maintindihan kung bakit hindi mahuli-huli iyang si Tin-tin. Ilang beses nang inikutan ng mga PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) iyong kanilang bahay sa Talavera pero wala naming ginagawa,” Celia said.

Celia also said that Sergio admitted to them that she was responsible for Mary Jane’s imprisonment. “Noong mahuli si Mary Jane noong 2010, sinabihan kami niyang si Tin-tin na huwag daw kaming lalapit kahit kanino at huwag daw kaming magpapa-media dahil kung gagawin daw namin iyon ay mamamatay si Mary Jane at kami ring pamilya ay iisa-isahin. Malaking sindikato daw po sila, internasyunal daw po.”

“Sinabi rin po niya na napakarami na raw nilang napalusot, bakit daw po sa kinakapatid pa niya nahuli. Iyon din po ang sabi niya sa amin,” she added.

Mary Jane’s family also said that since they came out in the open, mysterious vans and unidentified persons have been frequenting their community, asking townsfolk where they lived. “Kapag tinuturo naman nila (neighbors) hindi naman tumutuloy. Ang tatay ni Mary Jane ay hindi na nakakatulog. Nagbabantay na lang sa aming bahay gabi-gabi. Nag-aalala rin po ako para sa aking mga apo,” Celia said.

Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson, said that the arrest of Sergio may be another leverage for the government’s appeal for clemency for Mary Jane. “Ito ang dapat unang-una nilang ginawa. They should have conducted their own investigation on allegations of trafficking. We cannot fathom why, up to this day, authorities have dilly-dallied in arresting and prosecuting Mary Jane’s alleged trafficker. We cannot fathom the torture for Mary Jane’s family, knowing that the person allegedly responsible for their loved one’s fate, and possibly responsible for threats they have been receiving, remains free and just a stone’s throw away. With their inaction, the government is giving us reason to believe that Sergio has strong connections inside the government. We call on the PDEA, NBI, PNP, DILG and the Aquino government to arrest Sergio now, without delay,” Martinez said.

Martinez also called on Mary Jane’s supporters in Talavera to stand guard to prevent Sergio from escaping again. “The government should also immediately and urgently issue a hold-departure order against Sergio.”

According to news reports from Jakarta, the Indonesian government has announced today that the executions will not push through this week. However, it also said that all preparations for the executions have been finished and they are just awaiting resolutions for all pending legal appeals from the Indonesian Supreme Court.

Tomorrow, April 9, Mary Jane’s family will join supporters in a prayer rally at Plaza Miranda at 4:00 in the afternoon. April 9 will also be the Global Day of Action for the #SaveMaryJaneVeloso campaign. Migrante chapters in Hong Kong, Canada, Europe and Australia will troop to Indonesian embassies to appeal for clemency for Mary Jane.

On April 10, there will be a rally in Mendiola to condemn the Aquino government’s “too little, too late” action on Mary Jane’s case. ###