As tension escalates in Syria, gov’t called on to hasten repatriation of OFWs

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos and families Migrante International today called on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Philippine Embassy and Consulate in Syria to facilitate the immediate repatriation of OFWs in Syria in light of the escalating tension in the region.

Last August, the DFA raised the alarm in the areas of Homs, Latakia and Daraa to Alert Level 3 as crackdown on anti-government protesters intensified, affecting residents and civilians.

There are 17,000 OFWs in Syria, 15,300 are women. Of the 17,000 OFWs, only hundreds are registered with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

According to Gina Esguerra, Migrante International secretary-general, they have received calls through their Sagip Migrante/MENA Crisis Hotlines from OFWs who are seeking immediate repatriation.

Below is the list of OFWs who are currently stranded at the Philippine Embassy in Syria, awaiting repatriation:

 1.      Norma Sagubac

2.      Fe Marie Nagutom

3.      Luzviminda Dela Cruz

4.      Alsaima Unos

5.      Lupia Ibrahim

6.      Evelyn Laurete

7.      Meliza Estores

8.      Anacleta Solaria

9.      Evelyn Cabalida

10.  Janice Kabistrante Sayre

11.  Nancy Tacup

12.  Rebecca De Villa

13.  Jorenth Bacolodan

14.  Rosife Deratar

15.  Ailyn O. Ereje

Below are OFWs who are still with their employers requesting rescue and repatriation:

1. Analiza Muana

2. Jennifer Bayla

3. Noraina Kalano

4. Aisa Kabunto Mantok

5. Merjulyn Borbon

6. Ronelyn Bautista

7. Anisa Salibat Tibanu

8. Juvilyn Pasuquin

9. Maisa Posdan Guimpaka

10. Hanie Shayne Kasim

11. Irene Masing

12. Kathleen Delos Reyes

13. Eloisa Montefero

14. Lilibeth Hiwatig

15. Arsely Fernandez

16. Eloisa Jintalan

17. Melanie Baraero

18. Merlinda De Leon

19. Magdalena Relunia

“We have the addresses, contact numbers and names of employers of these OFWs. They are requesting to be rescued by the Embassy. They are very anxious to go home. We hope that they can be reunited with their families for Christmas,” said Esguerra.

She said that they have already forwarded all information to PH Ambassador to Damascus Wilfredo Cuyugan.

 Esguerra said that their MENA (Middle East-North Africa)/Sagip Migrante Hotlines are still open. OFWs and families may contact Migrante through mobile phone number 0932-3995952 or via email [email protected].

“All complaints, inquiries and reports will be forwarded immediately to concerned government agencies.” ###