Filipino migrant group in NZ join demand for Truth, Accountability: Black Friday protest vs #HocusPCOS: COMELEC + Duterte “Magic” = More TraPos, Fake PLs

The multiple failure of SD cards, vote counting machines, the secrecy of the location of COMELEC’s Central Server and the “meet-me-room” operations, on top of massive disenfranchisement for overseas Filipino voters – all of these are glaring indicators of fraudulent automated elections. Migrante Aotearoa therefore joins the demand of election watchdog groups and all Filipinos in demanding transparency and full accountability of COMELEC.

Migrante Aotearoa, a rights and welfare advocacy group and New Zealand chapter of Migrante International, joins the Filipino people in mourning and protest over the record-low turn-out of Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) and massive fraud that tainted the May 2019 elections.

No thanks to the COMELEC and Duterte ‘magic,’ the Philippines now have more Trash Politicians, a.k.a TraPos, and fake partylist groups dominating Philippine government.

In NZ, Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, the architect and executor of Duterte’s failed drug war through extra-judicial killings ranked #1 in the Senate race. The top party-list group was ACT-CIS of the Tulfo family, which up to now, hasn’t returned the PhP60M to Department of Tourism. How can we ever forget that Erwin Tulfo, a paid mouthpiece of red-tagging, propaganda, and fake news, came to NZ to peddle the student visa scam that left hundreds of hopeful Filipinos in staggering amount of debts after being lured to come to NZ?

Out of 19,1981 registered voters from the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand, voters turn-out was only 17.27% and only 3,448 valid ballots received on time.

On top of failing to ensure delivery of ballots for OFWs on time, COMELEC is deplorable for allowing more fake party-list groups like ACT-CIS to run. The administration-funded fake party list groups bastardize the party list system which is supposedly for the marginalised sectors. The people behind ACT-CIS and AA Kasosyo do not represent any marginalised sector.

Clearly the election results were not the legitimate results of the people’s vote but a tampered, manipulated product of Malacaṅang’s dark magic.

We mourn and protest the record-low voters turnout for Filipinos in NZ and around the world. We call on Filipinos to remain vigilant for truth, justice and meaningful change. Let us continue to speak out against the promoters of extra-judicial killings that victimised children and loved ones of Filipinos working abroad. Let us stand up against the biggest plunderers that condemn our homeland to the vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment and indebtedness.

Reference: Mikee Santos – Chairman, Migrante Aotearoa



This election is dirty, as dirty as the mouth of Duterte! – Migrante Austria

Migrante Austria adds its voice to expressions of disgust against the conduct of the 2019 election. Reports have reached us of dubious technical glitches, a portent of the Duterte administration’s evil maneuvering. There was a 7-hour lull in showing the public the result of the computerized counting. But when the COMELEC presented the result, early morning of Tuesday, May 14, they showed a 92.89 percent completion of counting only to show an hour later a 49.76 percent completion. There are other reports of technical glitch. More than 1,600 SD cards were found defective at the time of election. Also, there are 961 vote-counting machines reported defective.

Social media accounts of our families and friends who participated in the last election have posted their grievances. One of the trends of grievances is a report that they received the election ticket but it reflects the candidate they did not vote for. Another is a report that the party-list they have elected reflected zero-votes on the precincts where they casted their vote.

Within the constitutional framework, it is through the election, as a democratic process that the choices of the people for leadership post are registered and heard. It has an element of sanctity because what makes us truly human is our right to self-determination, and exercise of free-will. Such reports of election rigging are a denial of the Filipino people’s right to participate in this democratic process. We will not let this pass sitting down. For many OFWs like us here in Austria and Hungary, election is the tool and mechanism to speak and be listened upon. We desire meaningful change in the hope that one day we can confidently go back home assured of food on our tables, free medical services for our aging parents, and free education for our young ones, exactly the very pretexts of our migration.

It is not hard to imagine who is the hand in all of this. Duterte himself reveals himself as the master of divisiveness and confusion, of thievery and murder. He allied himself with criminals and thieves like Imee Marcos, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, among others who have not been cleared yet of graft and corruption charges by Philippine courts. He surrounds himself with blood-thirsty yes-men like Bato dela Rosa, Bong Go, Albayalde among others. His core is also revealed by whom he disenfranchised. He halted the peace talks between GRP and NDFP. He launched fake news portals red tagging human rights workers. He killed the dissenting farmers, indigenous peoples, and church people. These are portentous of election fraud.

“The blatant use of government resources to campaign for Duterte’s candidates was coupled with dispatching AFP and PNP to terrorize and harass voters, volunteers and progressive organizations campaigning for Makabayan partylists and candidates. Scores of our Makabayan coordinators and campaigners were illegally arrested and killed during the campaign period.” The aim is to ensure that no progressive party lists under Makabayan will get sufficient votes to garner seats in Congress.

On the day of election, the PNP themselves distributed newspapers containing black propaganda against senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares and the Makabayan bloc which was a flagrant violation of Election laws. These reveal the kind of man Duterte is. In an attempt to consolidate and monopolize power he resorted to rigging the election. He is self-serving and only heeds the interest of China and the US, to the detriment of the Filipino people whose suffering, and murder has become a normal course in life. No wonder that after the initial result has been counted, many in the Philippines have searched (through google) for places to migrate.

We cannot accept the process and result of this election. This election is dirty, as dirty as the mouth of Duterte. We are joining in the clamour for truth. We add our voices of dissent because the Filipino people and their constitution has fallen victim once again, for many times over to the criminal Duterte administration. We are refusing to be victims this time. We demand accountability.

Furthermore, Migrante Austria will continue to oppose the regime’s state exactions and labor export program. We will also continue to campaign for the Peace Talks being pursued by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to address the issues on CASER (Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms) especially the genuine agrarian land reform and national industrialisation. We shall also press on in demanding decent jobs and secured lives back home.

Our defense of democratic rights does not end after the casting of our ballots. We will pursue strengthening the will of the Filipino to fight for full national independence, democracy, development through genuine agrarian land reform, national industrialization, social justice and cultural progress. Further, fostering the solidarity and mutual support between the Filipino people and other peoples to unite in defeating and resisting #DuterTyrannyNOW!

Trabaho sa Pinas, hindi sa labas!

Stop the attacks!
Oust the US-Duterte regime!

Mike Garlan
Secretary General, Migrante Austria


U.S. Report on Elections – Migrante USA

Contact: Napoleon Pempeña, Secretary-General,,

1 (858) 729-4849
In the United States, overseas voting in the U.S. was primarily done through mailed ballots. The following are the summary of issues reported by Migrante Chapters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

  1. Ballots mailed to different addresses; consulate did not have updated addresses for the voters. Over 3,000 alone were returned to the Los Angeles Consulate
  2. Some voters with correct addresses were not able to receive their ballots on time. Many received their ballots very late, even the day before the election on May 13.
  3. Two SD cards were malfunctioning in the San Francisco Consulate
  4. Prepaid stamps were not included in all the mailed ballot envelopes
  5. Envelopes merely given by hand to Embassy staff, no secrecy folder or locked box
  6. Embassy Officials conducted the actual feeding into VCM (Voting Count Machines), NOT the voters. Voters did not receive any receipts.
  7. No early voters information drive were conducted by the Philippine consulates to increase voter participation
  8. 15-18% votes cast out of 60,000 ballots sent by SF consulate
  9. Police attaché office present in San Francisco consulate




Turnout ng OAV sa KSA, mababa

April 13 – May 16, 2019

1.8 million overseas OFW registered voters, sa total 885,274 voters (land based) ay nasa Middle East ang pinakamalaking bilang ng mga registered voters. Ang naging modes of voting sa Saudi Arabia ay personal voting (automated election system). Sa listahan batay sa certified list of overseas voters (CLOV) in KSA ay may kabuuang bilang ng mga registered OFWs voters total of 326,620.

Voters turnout nanatiling mababa dahil 32,650 overseas voters in KSA cast their votes. Actual figure represents 10 % of the total 326,620 registered voters in the certified list of overseas (CLOV) in Saudi Arabia.

Mga mayor na dahilan bakit malaking bilang nag-resulta sa disenfranchisement and non-participation of thousands of registered voters in KSA / mababa ang turnout ng OAV.

  • mga Polling precincts ay matatagpuan lamang sa mga pangunahing syudad in Riyadh-Embassy, Khobar City at Jeddah City.
  • karamihan nang mga OFW voters nakatira sa malalayong lugar/disyerto sa Saudi. In-sufficient information drive campaign on voting process by the COMELEC-Office for Overseas Voting, Embassy/Post.
  • mga employers ay di ina-allow yung kanilang mga OFW registered voters employees para bumuto kailangan kumuha pa ng permit laluna yung mga nakatira sa malalayong lugar at disyerto.
  • karamihan sa mga registered voters wala at nawawala kanilang mga pangalan sa listahan certified list of voters (CLOV), ang instructions ng mga COMELEC staff in charge at embassy ay pinababalikbalik sa polling precincts hanggang sa di na babalik pa dahil sa layo distance ng kanilang tirahin at minsan lamang magpaalam sa kanilang employer.
  • hindi ipinatupad dito ang Postal Voting dahil mahalaga yung postal voting dito dahil maramihan sa mga registered voters ay nakatira sa malalayong lugar/disyerto at mga kasambahay ay di naman basta na lang pinapalabas dahil umiiral pa din yung KAFALA system at yung distance ng mga OFW residents mula sa kanilang respective voting post.
  • walang naitayo o nailagay na additional Satellite precincts para sa mga registered OFWs na nakatira sa mga malalayong lugar o sa disyerto para ma-encourage mga OFWs voters na bumuto dahil din sa restrictions ng kanikanilang employer laluna mga nasa OFFSHORE at ONSHORE na nagtratrabaho sa Oil and Gas industry (OilField).
  • maraming registered OFWs dismayado dahil mga COMELEC staff at Embassy officials sa bawat Polling Precincts’ ay hinahanapan pa ng bawat voter’s ng requirements na ipresenta kanilang mga IQAMA or residence cards for verification purposes. Ito ay hindi na kailangan pa sa validation process dahil yung voting ay based on citizenship not on work or residency status.
  • Paki-inform ang COMELEC na paki-investigate yung mga na-corrupted na SD cards sa VCM sa Eastern region / Khobar Polling Precincts.
  • Noong May 4, naglunsad ng seminar (subject-anti-communist) campaign sa loob mismo ng Phil. embassy, ang Philippine Embassy lead by Philippine Ambassador in KSA – Adnan V. Alonto at Philippine Military & Police Attaches based in Riyadh laban kay Neri Colmenares at BAYAN MUNA PARTYLIST na huwag iboto sa balota.

Lead Personalities sa seminar campaign laban sa progressive partylist (BM) at Neri Colmenares:

  • Ambassador Adnan V. Alonto. active organizer ng DDS at Duterte supporters in KSA.
  • Faro Antonio O. Olaguera – Military Colonel / Police Attaché based in KSA.
  • Glenn S. Vales – Police executive Master Sergeant, Assistant Police Attaché based in KSA.
  • Allan Campos – Police Attaché based in KSA.





MIGRANTE Japan Statement on the “Incredible Results of the May 13 Mid-term Elections”

The mid-term elections have just concluded, but questions about its integrity amid the outpouring of protests and complaints about the massive and systematic cheating using state machineries, vilification and harassment of militant and progressive candidates up until the day of the elections, which clearly is a violation of Comelec rules on electioneering, and the massive disenfranchisement of voters, especially OFWs (overseas Filipinos) are reverberating in almost all corners of the globe.

There is tremendous interest in the May 13 mid-term national elections. Everyone has watched intently on the outcome of the votes as this could be the last battleground that the Duterte government is hellbent to take control of in order to institutionalize its dictatorship and effect absolute dominance on the lives of every freedom-loving Filipinos.

In Japan, Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) was marred by late deliveries of ballots, massive return of mailed ballots, corrupted SD cards and technical glitches in the operation of VCMs (vote counting machines) among others.

Out of the estimated 80,00 total registered voters in Japan, voter turn-out is only 18,458 or just 23% of the total registered voters. This means that more than 47,000 voters or 59% of the total number of voters failed to vote as 13,363, or 16.5 % of the voters did not receive their ballot, and therefore, disenfranchised.

OAV in Japan is also plagued by piecemeal and slow, confusing information. It was only on March 27 that the PH embassy in Tokyo announced “postal voting” as the mode of elections in Japan. When asked about why only postal voting when the past elections used the combination of postal and personal voting, PH embassy officials said that it was Comelec’s decision. As it turned out, Comelec revealed that the mode of elections overseas was left to the discretion of the foreign service post.

Even efforts to resolve issues like returned ballots, Comelec and the PH embassy were too slow and undecisive. They only relied on the embassy website and never took proactive measures to reach out to the voters. As many Filipinos in Japan do not navigate the embassy website to get the information they need, the PH embassy should have taken steps to immediately deploy mobile or satellite voting centers to give voters a real chance to exercise their right to vote. As a result, a whooping 16.5% percent of voters in Japan were disenfranchised for not receiving their ballots and therefore failing to exercise their right to suffrage.

And yet Comelec has the gall to declare the just concluded elections a success?

For the majority of Filipinos in Japan, this year’s election is a farce. It is nothing but a charade to fill the Senate with elected candidates who are minions of the current administration as against truly qualified and competent candidates who have been vilified and labelled as enemies of the state throughout and most especially in the last days heading to the May 13 polls.

For Filipinos everywhere, there’s much to be worried and frightened about when the 18th Congress opens. President Duterte already controls the Lower House and the Supreme Court. Now, it has taken control of the Senate. What is next for the Filipino people and the millions of OFWs?



Butch Pongos


Phone number: +81 9017472372

‘Dirty, deadly, deceptive elections by a desperate Duterte’ – Makabayan Hong Kong

This was the pronouncement of Makabayan Hong Kong following partial and unofficial 2019 midterm elections count that showed Duterte-backed candidates and groups dominating the Senatorial and Partylist elections in the Philippines and in Hong Kong.

According to spokesperson Eman Villanueva, ‘The elections has shown the regime pulling all stops to ensure a landslide victory especially in the Senate. It exploited the prevailing patronage politics while utilizing the vast resources of the government to buy votes, intimidate, harass, spread disinformation and all other dirty tricks in its book to ensure that its supporters are placed in the Upper House while adding more allies in the Lower House.’

Makabayan Hong Kong mentioned reports from the Philippines of Makabayan members being harassed by the Philippine National Police. There were also materials containing black propaganda, aimed to dissuade voters from voting Neri Colmenares and partylists of Makabayan distributed by PNP elements themselves. According to Villanueva, this is a clear indication of how threatened the Duterte regime is, with its state forces openly engaging in activities against the opposition

‘These were done on top of reports of VCM malfunction, loss of SD cards, transparency server problem, the withdrawal of NAMFREL from COMELEC as official independent poll watchdog and other issues that make the credibility of the recent elections tainted and questionable. Progressives and opposition candidates topped in all mock elections and surveys in universities, colleges and private institutions while Duterte’s candidates ruled questionable commissioned surveys. Obviously, huge funds are at play to condition the minds of the public of the desired election results of the administration,’ Villanueva said.

Villanueva continued that while this must be the dirtiest elections post-Marcos, it has also forged unity among the opposition. ‘The recent elections have shown how opposition to the administration is spreading across political parties and blocs. Even Catholics were bolder and more vocal against those supporting government’s moves and policies. Such show of dissatisfaction from a broad array of groups have contributed to the growing desperation of Duterte.’

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Villanueva said that the Duterte administration and its candidates have evidently poured resources to woo OFW support. ‘With its vast arsenal of resources, the Duterte administration have ensured that their candidates appeared one after another in OFW events during the campaign period and flooded the social media with malicious and unfounded accusations against Colmenares, other opposition candidates and partylist affiliates of Makabayan,’ Villanueva remarked.

Villanueva said that Duterte-backed candidates may have ruled the polls but OFWs have no basis to hope for the resolution of their concerns. ‘Now that they are most likely to be in the Senate and Congress in the next three years, burning questions have remained: will they stand for OFW rights, will they oppose the impending additions to fees charged by the government to OFWs, will they really work for a country where the millions of Filipinos will not be pushed to work and be enslaved abroad?’

‘You’ve made your pitch and styled yourself as for OFWs. Now, will you really stand up for what is good for OFWs, the people and our country or will your term be filled with self-enrichment and blind kowtowing to Duterte’s orders?’

Villanueva said that for Makabayan Hong Kong, the fight for OFWs and the people will continue with or without elections. ‘Change will not come due to being able to elect the whole Makabayan slate. Meaningful change cannot come from the game of musical chairs dominated by the elite. It may only come from organizing and unifying for a better Philippines, a better world, which the progressive forces have been doing especially outside of the electoral campaign.’###

For reference:
Eman Villanueva
Coordinator, Makabayan HK

Contact number: +85297585935


Pahayag ng Migrante Italya ukol sa Dayaan 2019

Tulad ng dapat naming asahan, ang naganap na oversea’s voting dito sa Italya ay isang malawakang disenfranchisement sa mga mga botanteng ofw. Mula sa naitalang 62,920 rehistradong botante, 13,006 o 20.67% lamang ang nakaboto, mababa ng mahigit isang libo kumpara sa halalan 2016 at higit paring mababa kung ikukumpara sa 167,859 na napatalang bilang sa census ng Italya, kahit ipagpalagay natin na isangkaapat (⅟₄) ng kabuuang bilang na ito ay hindi mga kwalipikadong botante.

Bago pa man maganap ang aktwal na halalan, ipinaabot na ng mga balangay ng MIGRANTE sa Italya sa embahada, konsulado at COMELEC, sa pamamagitan ng pakikipagdiyalogo, na ang kanilang desisyong gawing postal voting lamang ang paraan ng pagboto ay nangangahulugan ng higit pang pagpapaliit ng bilang na maaaring makaboto. Malaking kapabayaan sa bahagi ng COMELEC at ng embahada’t konsulado ang hindi maagap na paglalabas ng malawak at maayos na impormasyon sa paraan ng pagboto gayong nagkaruon na sila ng ganitong desisyon sa maagang bahagi pa lamang ng Nobyembre 2018.

Higit pang pinalala ito nang kawalan ng maagap na abiso sa pagtatakda ng deadline para sa mga rehistradong mga botante na nakalipat ng tirahan pagkatapos ang eleksyong 2016, na mag-update para sa pagpapadala ng kani-kanilang mga balota. Dahil din sa ang mga ballot packet ay hindi mga registered mail kundi karaniwang postal stamp lamang, may hindi matiyak na malaking bilang na mga balota ang hindi nakarating sa mga botante at may ilan namang huli na nang dumating.

Kung kaya’t mismong ang COMELEC sa pamamagitan ng embahada at konsulado ay nagpalabas ng gipit na sa panahong anunsyo na ang mga hindi nakatanggap ng mga balota ay maaaring magtungo sa kanila para makahingi ng spare ballot. Sinagkaan din ang dapat sana’y maayos at mabilis na pagbabalik ng mga ballot envelops. Sa kadahilanang ang mga ito’y walang return stamps, kinakailangan pang ang mga ofw mismo ang gumastos sa pagpapadala nito.

Maging ang talaan ng Certified Voter’s ay hindi naging masinop, may ilang mga botante ang nawawala sa listahan bagaman nakaboto nuong nakaraang eleksyon. Mayruon namang nakatanggap ng dalawang balota sa isang ballot packet. Samantala, hindi na nabigyan ng kaliwanagan ang aming reklamo kaugnay sa isang insidente nang pag-iiwan ng campaign material ng senatorial slate ng kasalukuyang administrasyon sa lugar ng botohan.

Ang halalang ito ay isang malinaw na pagbabaliwala sa karapatan naming mga ofw. May malaking takot ang administrasyon ni Duterte na madinig ang tunay na sigaw ng mga migrante sa labas ng bansa, kung kaya’t puspusan nitong hinahadlangan na lumaki ang bilang ng mga dapat makaboto. Hindi tinatapos ng eleksyong ito ang laban ng mga ofw at pamilya nito para sa karapatan at kagalingan ng sambayang Pilipino. Maaaring natapos na ang punong punong anomalyang eleksyon subalit magpapatuloy ang aming paglaban para sa lipunang wala nang sapilitang migrasyon.