BREAKING NEWS: Pinay reported dead by fellow OFW in Bahrain

A Filipina overseas worker in Bahrain today confirmed reports that a fellow Filipina died when she was caught in clashes between protesters and government forces.

Saripa Osman Imao, 36 years old, married, hailing from Muslim Village, Bangkal, Davao City and working in Bahrain for 20 years, reportedly called her aunt and brother last week and told them that they were trapped in a convenience store when the fighting between government troops and protesters erupted.

According to the accounts of her aunt, Normina Musa, and brother, Malik Jumdaine, “hindi raw sila makalabas sa convenience store dahil sinumang lumabas ay pinagbababato”.

’Yung isa daw nilang kasamahan ay namatay matapos itong lumabas at pagbabatuhin. Iniwanan na rin daw sila ng employer kaya hindi na nila alam ang gagawin nila,” they said.

They have not been able to contact Imao through her mobile phone since then.

As of this posting, Migrante International has been trying to get hold of Imao to confirm the identity and other information about the alleged Filipina casualty.

Imao’s relatives, together with relatives of other OFWs in Bahrain and Japan and Gil Lebria, returned OFW from Libya, will hold a press conference in Davao tomorrow, to be followed by a prayer rally for OFWs in crisis and distress.

In Manila, OFWs and families and other sectors will mark the 16th death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion with a big protest rally against government neglect of OFWs in Mendiola. ###