CHR ruling on Fil-Am’s case discourages migrants from serving homeland

Global alliance of Filipino migrants and families Migrante International expressed disappointment and dismay with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Resolution on the case of Filipino-American Melissa Roxas, saying that it “discourages Filipinos abroad from coming home to serve the homeland”.

“The CHR Resolution is an affront to Roxas because it totally disregarded the victim’s testimony, but it is also disheartening to the whole Filipino migrant community,” said Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson.

Martinez said that Migrante International, as with other people’s organizations with chapters abroad such as BAYAN, “work with great pains to encourage our compatriots abroad to come back to the Philippines to serve the poor and oppressed”. “With the release of the CHR Resolution, they (Filipino migrants) now have the impression that our government institutions cannot be relied upon to uphold justice and human rights.”

“It is very saddening that we demand justice and protection and respect of human rights of our compatriots and fellow Filipinos from their host countries and governments abroad but cannot expect the same for them in our very own homeland,” he said.

Martinez said that Migrante International fully supports Melissa Roxas in her continuing quest for justice against her abductors and torturers “who are still out there scot-free and who the CHR took pains, at the expense of human rights, to absolve.” ###