“Defeat Duterte’s Fascist virus with the vaccine of people’s resistance!” — Migrante International on the 2020 International Human Rights Day

Asserting our commitment to serve the people and fight for democracy, Migrante International unites with the Filipino people and the rest of the world in the 2020 observance of the International Human Rights Day. 

With the entire world gripped by the pandemic and the exacerbating economic crisis, tyrants are exploiting the global situation to further suppress the people’s inalienable rights. The Duterte regime has turned the Philippines into an extermination camp where petty quarantine infractions could rouse trigger-happy predators from the police or the military to deliver their victims to their horrible deaths. These bloodthirsty mercenaries are out hunting lambs for the slaughter. The violent persecution of activists, community organizers and human rights workers has been reified as the official policy of the Duterte regime through the enactment of the Terror Law. 

NTF ELCAC’s mischief in the senate is just one among many of its evil machinations. It has been fielding military and police attaches in embassies overseas at the expense of public money and resources. Not even Filipino communities abroad have been spared from their witch hunting and red tagging activities. 

Responding to the migrants’ welfare and the public health needs of our kababayans back home in the Philippines are not in Duterte’s priorities. A blank check of Php 19.1 Billion is going to be handed over to his military cronies to intensify the dissemination of death and destruction. Straight from the horse’s mouth, the real intent of the regime’s vilification of the Makabayan bloc was to disqualify progressive partylist groups from the next national elections. While the Duterte regime’s inutility is ever more glaring during the height of the pandemic, the Makabayan bloc has been active in pushing for the demands of overseas Filipino workers, both land-based and sea-based, in the legislature. They have been pushing for the Magna Carta of Seafarers and the urgent repatriation of stranded OFWs. We express our full support to our Makabayan legislators for their enduring service and advocacy despite the barrage of slander being thrown against them by the moronic virus in Malacañang. 

The ludicrous tales concocted by PNP and AFP to justify the murder of peace consultants Eugenia Magpantay and Agaton Topacio and the unjust arrest of Amanda Echanis point to the damned lies which serve as fodder for the Duterte regime’s Fascist abomination. OFWs have had enough of the extortion, criminal negligence, harassment and terrorism inflicted by the Duterte regime. The assassination of Migrante Iloilo founding organizer Jory Porquia only stirred up our outrage even more. 

Let us never allow darkness to continue shrouding terror over the entire country. Duterte’s Fascist virus will only be vanquished with the vaccine of the people’s resistance. One with the masses, may our thundering defiance strengthen our resolve to champion justice, human rights and freedom not only in the Philippines but wherever we are in the world. 

Stop the killings!

Stand with Makabayan bloc!

Stop red tagging! 


Free political prisoners!

Junk Terror Law!

Resist tyranny! 

Oust US-Duterte regime!