Press Release
January 17, 2022

The reported delays in the results of the RT PCR Testing especially for returning overseas Filipinos is very alarming and needs immediate actions from the Philippine authorities. Overseas Filipinos are very much aware of the conditions in the country that required them to be quarantined in an authorized hotel at their own expense. Despite the hotel quarantined requirement, returning overseas Filipinos or ROF took their chance of coming home in order to catch up on important family matters like attending a wake of a loved one. However, the unpredictable date of release of RT PCR test results make them fail to accomplish their plans.

The delay and unpredictable date of release of the RT-PCR test result make the situation more frustrating and emotionally stressful for the ROF, according to Ms. Joanna Concepcion, Chairperson of MIGRANTE International. She added that this delay in the results of the RT PCT test is already a problem since the start of Covid 19 outbreak in early 2020 which forced returning OFWs to extend their stay in hotel quarantine for months during that period. Unfortunately, the delay remained unresolved.

Ms. Concepcion added that the concerned agencies of the Philippine government must take the responsibility and immediately address this inefficiency in public services that results in the delay of RT PCR test results not just to the ROF but also to others who are forced to stay in a quarantine facility. The delay would mean another 3 – 4 days stay in a hotel quarantine and the cost will be at their own expense.

We are calling the attention of President Duterte to immediately act on this inefficiency and find an immediate solution to resolve this problem. Our ROF are already burdened with the processes and requirements before departing their respective country of origin and upon arrival in the Philippines. Let us not add more to their stressful life brought about by this global pandemic, Ms. Concepcion added.##