“Duterte regime’s threat against NDFP Chief Consultant Prof. Joma Sison, a violation of international law!” – Migrante international

Migrante International is extremely troubled by the reported threats against NDFP Chief Consultant Prof. Jose Ma. ‘Joma’ Sison. Threats against his personal safety are being taken seriously by Dutch authorities and he has already received instructions from Utrecht police to take precautionary measures. The Dutch police have also uncovered plans by war hawks to conduct a rally at The Hague against Prof. Joma Sison. 

Murderous plots against peace consultants by the US-Duterte regime are really nothing new. Just yesterday, 9 March, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. was locked out from his twitter account for posting violent threats against activists whom he branded as Communists deserving to be shot. Meanwhile, Duterte’s legion of bootlickers led by Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Martin Andanar are squandering taxpayers’ money for their fancy junket in Europe. They have been spouting lies in their frantic attempt to cover up the Duterte regime’s detestable human rights record. 

PHOTO: Manila Today

The Duterte regime is only articulate in pronouncing profanity-laden death threats against critics and even against ordinary Filipinos but whenever he gets to be asked about how his government is dealing with the public health emergency and other ongoing people’s issues, Duterte’s tongue gets twisted with muddled speech. He is devoid of any interest to pursue the welfare of the Filipino people in this time of crisis. Turning the Philippines into a massive killing field is the only thing that preoccupies Duterte’s mind. It is therefore about time that President Duterte be brought to the International Criminal Court to pay for his crimes. 

If the downtrodden Filipino people are to rise above the socio-economic ills plaguing Philippine society, the attainment of just and lasting peace is imperative. Bearing this in mind, progressive Filipino migrant communities have always been fully supportive of the resumption of peace talks between GRP and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Ensuring the revival of the peace process will pave the way for hammering out resolutions to the roots of the armed conflict through genuine social, economic and political reforms. However, with all the killings and violent threats, the Duterte regime is hell-bent on inflicting more terror upon the downtrodden Filipino people. This is completely opposite of his previous expressions to get back to peace negotiations. 

Threats against the safety and security of NDFP Chief Political Consultant Prof. Joma Sison will only derail the resumption of the peace talks. As a recognized political refugee, Prof. Joma Sison is protected by existing mandates under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Geneva Refugee Convention. Migrante International denounces all these threats against his personal safety and calls on peace-loving Filipinos to stop the US-Duterte regime from committing another terrorist violation of international law and from further destroying efforts to revive the peace process.