DUTERTE’S MILITARY CRONY IN PHILHEALTH: OFW group blasts Duterte’s trust in Philhealth chief Ret. AFP Brig. General Ricardo Morales

Migrante International fully supports the investigations being conducted by the Senate and House of Representatives into the corruption scandal involving Philhealth officials. Philhealth has already lost Php 154 Billion to ghost patients and deliveries in the previous years. Following last year’s appointment of Retired AFP Brigadier General Ricardo Morales by President Duterte as Philhealth’s new president and CEO, it is outrageous that four officials linked into these scams were promoted by Morales.  Right in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, over Php 15 Billion went into the pockets of corrupt officials according to the agency’s former anti fraud officer. Just as the Filipino people are struck by hardships imposed by Duterte’s military-led COVID-19 task force, another retired AFP general figures in a despicable scandal. The Duterte regime is very much enamored with his military cronies and he places excessive value on them to the detriment of the Filipino public. 

Other irregularities have also been uncovered in the last couple of days like the insertion of 5 thousand ghost members aged 130 in Philhealth’s database, as well as an overpriced laptop worth Php 115 Million included in its Php 2.1 Billion IT project. At the back of all these corruption scandals, Philhealth officials still had the nerve to ask for additional government subsidy despite having Php 110 Billion in contingency funds on top of the Php 63 Billion it receives from sin taxes and the Php 77 Billion premium contributions. Philhealth officials claim that it will get bankrupt by 2022 if it does not get its requested subsidy. 

PhilHealth President and Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Morales. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO / NINO JESUS ORBETA

This only goes to show that Philhealth does not have the integrity and capacity to virtuously manage healthcare funds and provide efficient delivery of services. Concerned Filipino migrants and families are enraged that despite allegations of widespread corruption, Philhealth chief Ricardo Morales still enjoys the trust of President Duterte. Nevertheless, this no longer comes as a surprise since Morales is among Duterte’s military cronies who enjoy unlimited impunity. 

It is only rightful that OFWs continue to register their thunderous opposition against the mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike signed by no other than President Duterte himself in his ‘Universal Healthcare Act’ which his regime claims as a ‘landmark’ law. 

Migrante International reiterates its full support to Makabayan Bloc’s House Bill 6698 to remove these unjust provisions from the Universal Healthcare Act. Our hard-earned money should go directly to our families back home in the Philippines who are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and not to a corrupt government agency like Philhealth. In a country like the Philippines where the healthcare system is dominated by profit-oriented private corporations, Migrante International asserts that a genuine universal health care should be free and readily accessible for the entire Filipino people.