spam-mmg poeaPrepared by Migrante International, July 2014

Name of Company : Mohammad Al-Mojil Group

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nature of case: Labor violations/Witholding of wages/Repatriation/Benefits

Case background

Mohammad Al-Mojil Group is a construction company operating in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Dammam, it employs and houses and some thousands of migrant workers, among them overseas Filipino workers deployed by (1) RRJM International Manpower Services, Inc., office located at 19th Floor, Summit 1 Tower, 530 Shaw Boulevard, Manadaluyong; and (2) Philippine-RN Recruitment Agency, Inc., office located at Rm. 201 Cabrera Building 1, Timog Ave., Quezon City. Both agencies are licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

Last June 24, 2014, Migrante International received a complaint via email from one of the OFWs of MMG in Dammam who said that thousands of OFWs, and other migrant workers employed by the company, are up in arms against various labor abuses and violations. Migrante International had since contacted the next of kin of some 300+ OFWs who are stranded in the MMG barracks, awating repatriation and their exit visas. (See attached list)

The OFWs are suffering maltreatment and poor working and living conditions in their barracks and are grossly overworked. Their wages have been withheld for at least 4 months now, leaving them hungry, depressed and unable to provide for their families back home. Some of them have been working at MMG for as long as 20 years, while most were hired in 2011.

Because of their conditions, they filed an official complaint at the Philippine Labor Office last year. Some were repatriated last December but have not yet received their back wages and end-of-service benefits (ESB). Those who have not yet received their ESBs have been working for the company for 15-20 years.

Most have already filed for exit visas since the last quarter of 2013, leaving them stranded for 13 months now. Because of their complaint, MMG did not renew their iqamas, making them undocumented and in danger of crackdowns. The OFWs are particularly complaining about the slow service and facilitation of their repatriation by the POLO, citing specific complaints against Labor Attache Padaen for his inaction and poor service.

Families of the OFWs fear for the safety and welfare of their loved ones. The latest report is that Pakistani workers at MMG are already threatening to burn the barracks in protest against labor abuses and violations. As of this writing, workers of MMG are currently engaged in a strike inside the company barracks.

Actions taken

Migrante International has already contacted its chapters in Dammam and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to inform them about the case. The KSA chapters are presently assisting the OFWs at MMG in the cases they filed at the POLO.

Last June 28, 2014, wives and next of kin of the OFWs held a meeting at the Migrante International office. They formed a tactical formation, SPAM-MMG (Samahan ng Pamilya at Manggagawa laban sa MMG), and listed down their demands.  Most of the OFWs and their families hail from Bataan where one of the local recruitment agencies has an office.

Last July 4, Migrante International went to Bataan and met with more relatives of OFWs at MMG. They have all agreed to file complaints and join the campaign for their loved ones.

Migrante International has also facilitated dialogues with the POEA and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) on July 17 and July 23, respectively.


1. Immediate repatriation of at least 300+ OFWs at MMG.

2. Cancellation of licenses of RRJM International Manpower Services, Inc. and Philippine-RN Recruitment Agency, Inc.. Both agencies continue to deploy OFWs to MMG.

3. End of Service Benefits and other benefits entitled to the OFWs and their families.

4. Ban/Blacklist MMG. ###