Statement on the Inauguration of Fake President Marcos Jr.

June 29, 2022

After the highly controversial 2022 presidential elections results marred by massive fraud, red tagging of opposition candidates and vote buying. Fake President Marcos Jr. will hold his inauguration tomorrow, June 30 with more than 15,000 police security at the venue. The fake President is obviously guilty of his wrong doings to the people that he required these grand security forces for his Inauguration.

Ironically, the grand inauguration will take place at a critical stage when Filipinos are suffering from the economic impact of successive increases in oil prices and cost of basic commodities. Moreover, the Philippine foreign debt had reached more than 12-trillion pesos and the citizens are wary of carrying the burden of tax increases. Thus the absence of jobs and source of livelihood force more Filipinos to seek employment abroad.

Without doubt the Fake President will inherit the legacy of the tyrant Duterte regime that imposed all forms of mandatory government extortion from Filipino migrants such as the PhilHealth 4% premium increase, Pag-Ibig and SSS contributions and compulsory insurance. Payment of these fees is mandatory in order to secure the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) that will allow OFW deployment for work abroad! 

Meanwhile, almost three months had passed after the Supreme Court issued a clear statement regarding the deposition of Mary Jane Veloso who has been languishing on death row in Indonesia for 12 years. No concrete action was done by the Duterte government about the SC decision; even worse, no support was shown to save the life of Mary Jane and for her to be reunited with her family. The defense of Mary Jane is a show of support to the fight against human trafficking. 

Similarly, the Duterte administration also failed to defend the Cayanan mother and her child who face deportation from the Canadian government. This and many more cases of Filipinos in jail in different countries prove government neglect and abandonment of their citizens despite Philippine Constitution guaranteeing their protection and the vows that these politicians promise to voters inside and outside the country during election time.

We also anticipate that red-tagging, fake news, lies, disinformation against the leaders of our organizations that provides welfare services because of the absence or minimal presence of government assistance and protection, will persist under the Fake President’s administration.   

Moreover, we shall not allow Duterte to get away from his atrocities against the Filipino people during his six-year of tyranny and fascist rule. We shall continue the campaign for the investigation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on his crimes committed by using Tokhang in his anti-drug campaign that killed many innocent people including children. Furthermore, we shall hold him accountable for the corruption and plunder plunging the country into deep financial crisis.

It is therefore right and just that we, Filipino migrants join the protest actions and unite with compatriots to express our rage and reject this devious and fake incoming President. In the Philippines, the protest program will be held at the Liwasang Bonifacio while overseas actions will be done in different country and major cities especially at places where the PH Consulates and Embassies are located.

Let us participate in the protest actions and together we present our urgent demands to the new administration for the immediate scrapping of the OEC and various mandatory government fees such as PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig among others. Furthermore, we continue to ask the government to save the life of Mary Jane Veloso and her immediate return home to her family as well as provide legal protection to all Filipino migrants in jail and the undocumented Filipinos around the globe; set up additional temporary shelters; ensure that unpaid wages and money claims of OFWs who were laid off by bankrupt companies in Saudi Arabia will be given to the OFW claimants; ensure job security of seafarers and develop the Philippine maritime industry; and immediate cash assistance to OFW families. Also, we demand a stop to the Labor Export Program and the government adherence to the neoliberal framework of migration for development. 

At the same time, we press for the end of red tagging, disinformation and blocking of websites of mass organizations that defend the rights and well being of the people and we ask for respect and recognition of the human rights, junk the Anti-Terror Law, dissolve the NTF ELCAC and divert its funds for the much needed cash relief for the poor and small entrepreneurs including SME’s who are severely affected by the non-stop oil price hike, create job opportunities at home that provide just living wage for workers. Pursue Duterte’s ICC investigation and claim the 203 billion estate tax debt of the Marcoses and lastly, we call for the protection of Philippine sovereignty, Stop China’s incursion in the west Philippine Sea and Stop the Visiting Forces Agreement! ###

Migrante, Onward with the struggle! 

Struggle for our Rights and Welfare!

Reject the Fake President Marcos Jr!

Participate in People’s Protest Actions for Justice, Peace and Democracy!