Filipino migrants’ rights group assails Terror Bill as it awaits Duterte’s signature

Despite widespread condemnation from different sectors and withdrawals of support from legislators, the Terror Bill that the tyrannical Duterte regime has been rabidly hankering for is finally in Malacañang. At the stroke of a pen, this Terror Bill would further systematize and legalize the organized crime and terror of the state against the Filipino people. Migrante International vehemently denounces the perversity of the Duterte regime to stifle dissent and criminalize resistance against its murderous policies.

Filipino migrants have been among the sectors that were hit the hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. OFWs continue to be treated like garbage and are being dumped at NAIA with the majority of them not even receiving any of the financial aid promised by the Duterte regime. Yet instead of prioritizing the fulfillment of their just demands for amelioration, they were instead whacked with deleterious laws such as the Philhealth premium rate hike and the draconian Terror Bill. 

We have seen how the government has threatened to deport a Taiwan-based OFW for merely expressing her opposition to President Duterte’s outrageous actions. Intimidation and red tagging befalls OFWs who dare to speak up against the regime’s criminal negligence. Worst of all, leading defenders of people’s rights are constant targets of state-sponsored killings like what happened to migrants rights’ activist Jory Porquia who was shot dead in his place of residence by suspected state elements from the police and the military. 

PHOTO: New York Times

The Duterte regime has squandered billions to bolster its black propaganda against progressive groups like Migrante International that uphold the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and their families. However, the more they vilify us for our social justice mission, the more the Duterte regime exposes its atrocious inutility and destructiveness before the Filipino people and the world. Anger and enmity against Duterte’s bloody reign of terror is mounting to the highest level every single moment.

Migrante International calls on all its member organizations and all Filipino communities overseas to continue opposing the Duterte regime’s Terror Bill. On the 12th of June, let us register our steadfast unity and booming resistance to assert our devotion for justice, freedom and liberty in our beloved country.

Junk Terror Bill!
Ayuda hindi diktadura!
End state terrorism!
Uphold human rights!