Overseas Filipinos for Leni-Kiko!

No to Marcos-Duterte!

May 1, 2022

International Labor Day commemorates the historical struggles of the working class for dignity in labor, job security, against contractualization, all forms of discrimination and for just living wage. This year’s celebration of International Workers Day in the Philippines highlights a significant stage of unity among different sectors in the society both formal and informal workers, including farmers and the youth who are looking forward to a brighter future under a new administration of government resulting from the 2022 elections.

Neglected and abandoned by the previous administrations, overseas Filipinos want an end to being sold to different countries merely as commodities earning dollars to prop up the economy. In the same manner, the greedy Duterte government employed all kinds of schemes in the form of mandatory fees to squeeze profits from the hapless OFWs through various government agencies such as the POEA, OWWA, Philhealth, SSS, and the latest of which Pag-IBIG.

Meanwhile, distressed Filipinos languish in jails abroad like Mary Jane Veloso who has been ignored for more than a decade in Indonesia; thousands await repatriation and millions of repatriated due to the pandemic seek financial assistance; Saudi workers continue to fight for their unpaid wages and benefits; and the victims of trafficking, abuse and exploitation have been deserted.Filipinos at home and abroad have endured six years of Duterte’s tyrannical rule marked by corruption and militarization especially during the pandemic; killings and human rights violations, vilification and red-tagging of human rights defenders including migrant organizations and the selling of our sovereignty to foreign monopoly interest.

It’s time to put a stop to these miseries and obtain justice for the victims and the Filipino people. We are hoping that the 2022 election is an opportune time for the inspiring leaders to put back the dignity of the Filipino people especially with Duterte’s selling out the sovereignty of the country to China and following the dictates of the US neoliberal policies that has caused uncontrolled hikes in oil and basic commodities. On the other hand, we continue to oppose the return to power of the Marcoses. The wanton human rights violations, the treatment of Filipinos abroad like commodities for export through its labor export program, continued decline of the economy and many more are nightmares that we don’t want history to be repeated.

Filipino migrants welcome the changes offered by a Robredo – Pangilinan tandem to lead the country that involves partnership with peoples’ movements. Considered progressive, the surge of volunteers and people supporting their candidacy is remarkable. They have pledged a transparent government free from corruption with the help of the people. More importantly, they have expressed recognition and respect for Filipino overseas and responded to making policies for their rights and welfare.

Similarly, migrant Filipinos believe in the sincerity and competence of Leni Robredo whose track record was proven during her term as vice president. We challenge Robredo to deliver on her promises to address the miseries of injustices, economic downturn, subservience to foreign powers and she has shown genuine interest for the welfare of the marginalized people.Certainly, the May elections present a great challenge to the overseas Filipinos. However, Migrante International has remained steadfast in its programs to protect the rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos with or without elections. It has prevailed amidst the dangers and difficulties and has expanded in number of country chapters in various regions. Education, organizing and welfare work continue to be the weapon to strengthen and empower the migrants’ movement beyond the elections.

Finally, our strong alliance has been recognized as a major force and part of a of people’s movement to effect change in the cultural and political system of our country. Vice president Leni and Senator Kiko have promised to return trust in the government by fighting corruption. They believe that power resides in the people who work alongside with them to achieve their goals of development. Their principle: Sa gobyernong tapat, Angat ang lahat! Mabuhay ang Migranteng Pilipio!

Mabuhay ang Uring Manggagawa!