#FreeMaryJane On AGO statement that death penalty is no longer Indonesia’s priority


thank you card(1)“We welcome this very positive statement coming from the Indonesian Attorney General who has been known for his ‘hard stance’ on the death penalty. This brings hope to Mary Jane’s family, all her supporters worldwide, and human rights advocates who continue to appeal to #FreeMaryJane. We are reinvigorated by this good news. It is now clearly incumbent upon the Philippine justice system to uphold Mary Jane’s innocence. Let us all continue to unite in prayer and collective action for Mary Jane’s permanent reprieve from death row,” said Mic Catuira, Migrante International deputy secretary-general.

Trial for cases of illegal recruitment and estaga filed by several witnesses against Mary Jane’s recruiters is set on September 18 at the Regional Trial Court in Baloc, Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija.

The cases of qualified trafficking, illegal recruitment and estafa filed at the Department of Justice by Mary Jane and her family against Sergio etal, meanwhile, have also been raffled to the same Nueva Ecija RTC and are still awaiting trial. ###