#FreePRIDE20: Migrante International condemns arrest of PRIDE protesters

Even before the Terror Bill lapses into law, and despite the fact that the Bayanihan Heal As One (BAHO) Act has already expired, the Duterte regime’s Fascist machinery has been unleashing brute violence against progressive groups and activists who are merely practicing their democratic right to express legitimate dissent. Migrante International condemns the violent dispersal and illegal arrests of about 20 protesters who held a PRIDE program at Mendiola this Friday morning. 

As seen in media footages, the PRIDE protesters strictly followed social distancing measures all throughout the event. It was the officers of the Manila police who violated social distancing protocols when they illegally rounded up and arrested the protesters. The Philippine Constitution is very clear in protecting the right of the people to peacefully assemble and express their demands for redress of grievances. The arresting officers transgressed the right of the protesters. We despise PNP’s hypocrisy in its all-out effort to preserve the impunity of those in power who commit real crimes while PNP continually inflicts draconian attacks against Filipino civilians. In clear violation of community quarantine rules, NCRPO Chief Debold Sinas went partying during the ECQ period but he remains unpunished up to this very day. 

PHOTO: (Rappler) PRIDE protesters observing social distancing were illegally arrested by Manila police, Friday morning.

We stand in solidarity with the PRIDE community in their struggle for equality and social justice. Migrante International demands that the PRIDE protesters be immediately released and all baseless charges raised against them by the Manila police be dismissed.

Free Pride20!

Junk Terror Bill!