Global Online Action of Filipino Migrants for Labor Day and for Health and Safety at Work

This global online action was organized by MIGRANTE International and a way of expressing our international solidarity to the working class movement all over the world on labor day. As Filipino migrants, we recognize the importance of health and safety at work which we continue to struggle against capitalist exploitations and oppressions, not to mention the treatment we received from our own government that treat us, migrant workers as commodities for export. This online action was held last 28 April 2021 which coincides with the world day for health and safety at work. This event also highlights the different challenges and struggles we faced as Filipino migrants and as part of the Philippine movement calling for genuine democracy, justice and peace in the country. And to realize these calls, MIGRANTE International together with our allies and friends in the Philippines and abroad are working together calling Duterte Palpak and for his immediate resignation from office! #DutertePalpak #DuterteResign

Click and play the video below to hear the voices and watch the online collective actions of migrant leaders all over the world.