ILPS Commission 15 Statement on Israel – Palestine Conflict

12 October 2023

End Israeli occupation of Palestine now! 
Victory and liberation to the Palestinian people!
Down with US imperialism!

The International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) Commission 15, devoted to the rights and welfare of the diaspora, refugees and migrant workers displaced by imperialism and local reactionaries, reiterates these calls today amidst the escalation, signaled on October 7, of the Palestinian people’s resistance to US-backed Israeli occupation. 

We salute and support the courageous resistance of the people of Palestine to Israeli occupation, one of the longest and most ruthless in recent history. They have every right to resist, fight and seek to end the daily and large-scale aggression, violence, brutalization, dehumanization and even demonization of the Israeli occupiers supported by US imperialism. 

We condemn the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, and the Zionist and fascist Israeli government’s moves to quash the latest uprising of the Palestinian people. The Israeli government’s claims that Palestinian resistance is “terrorism” and international solidarity with the Palestinian people is “anti-Semitism” have repeatedly been exposed as deadly lies.

We condemn US imperialism for its decades-long financial, military and political support for Israeli occupation. US imperialism’s bloody record in the Israeli occupation of Palestine is one of the main reasons why its claims of upholding democracy, human rights and freedom in the world is seen with angry derision by the migrants and peoples of the world.

The Palestinian struggle against occupation and for self-determination is close to the hearts of the migrants and refugees of the world. The Palestinian diaspora is a prime example of the need to address the root causes of forced migration. It parallels the situation in most countries, where conditions that force people to leave are rooted in imperialist domination.

We are calling on our member organizations, as well as all migrants and refugees of the world to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and our condemnation of and opposition to Israeli occupation of Palestine. Let us show the world and the powers that be that, for the migrants and peoples of the world, this occupation does not enjoy any shred of legitimacy. ###