INDEPENDENCE DAY: Filipino migrants rights’ group blasts Duterte regime for Terror Bill and garbage-like treatment of OFWs

Treading the difficult path of struggle, our forebears rose up to seize power from a major colonial force to attain freedom from foreign subjugation. Though the independence proclaimed on 12 June 1898 was short-lived, we continue to remember those who offered their lives for the cause of national liberation. Migrante International joins the Filipino people in honouring the heroic masses of the past for their bravery and sacrifices. 

Fast forward to 2020, our national sovereignty continues to be trampled severely by US imperialist domination and China’s emergent imperialist expansionism. The US-Duterte regime’s neoliberal fornication with foreign imperialist interests has brought horrific wretchedness to our nation at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Treated like garbage, thousands upon thousands of OFWs have now found themselves either stuck in quarantine facilities or are wandering aimlessly around Metro Manila’s airports imploring to be brought back to their provinces and be reunited with their families. The overwhelming majority of whom received none of the promised financial aid from the government. 

pinas rappler
PHOTO: 2019 Independence Day, Rappler

A great number of stranded OFWs sleeping on pavements and under bridges are at risk of facing the same tragic fate that struck Michelle Silvertino, an indigent woman who died waiting for the Bicol-bound bus that never came. Instead of mass testing and amelioration, OFWs and the rest of the Filipino people are encumbered with more troubles through additional state exactions like the mandatory OFW Philhealth membership and premium hike, new taxes for online merchants, and the continuing deprivation of public transportation against the commuting masses.  

The most despicable of all is the looming imposition of the Duterte regime’s Terror Bill. While the likes of Sinas, Mocha, Koko and Bong Go are having their heyday of impunity, the Terror Bill will surely be used to further criminalize legitimate dissent and persecute critics and activists. As long as the Duterte regime condones the military presence of the US and China within our territories, and their intervention into our country’s national affairs, the much-vaunted “Independence” remains a hoax. 

Migrante International calls on Filipino migrants and their families to forge stronger unity in resisting the Duterte regime’s Fascist tyranny and dictatorial reign of terror. Walking in the footsteps of our heroic forebears, let us fight for our people’s freedom and sovereignty. Long live our struggle for national democracy!

Ayuda hindi diktadura!

End state terrorism! 

Uphold human rights!

Tunay na Kalayaan, Ipaglaban! 

Tunay na Kalayaan, Hindi Diktadura! 

Junk Terror Bill! 

Junk VFA!  

Atin ang Pinas, US at China, Layas!