Interpol releases “Red Notice” against fugitive “big-time” illegal recruiter

wanted isidroIt has come to the knowledge of Migrante International and GURO (Grupo ng mga Gurong Umuusig kay Rodriguez) that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Interpol has already issued a “Red Notice” against convicted illegal recruiter Isidro Rodriguez.

The “Red Notice” was published last May 30, 2016, according to NBI-Interpol, but Rodriguez’ victims from GURO were informed only this month. The NBI-Interpol said that they have already uploaded the notice to the database of all Interpol offices of member countries, placing them on alert to immediately arrest Rodriguez.

Isidro Rodriguez, a fugitive of law and one of the most notorious illegal recruiters and traffickers in the Philippines in the United States’ watchlist, was last sighted in Spain last January. He has two existing warrants of arrest against him for illegal recruitment and estafa.

Aside from the warrants, he has numerous pending cases of syndicated estafa and large-scale illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons filed in different courts by at least 300 Filipino teachers that he had victimized from 2009-2014. He also has pending complaints against him in US courts by Filipino teachers he had victimized there.

According to the NBI-Interpol, the “Red Notice” enumerates the following actions to be taken by member-states:

  1. Locate and arrest with a view to extradition – there is an assurance that extradition will be made upon arrest of the person.
  2. Make a provisional arrest of the person – the red notice is to be treated as a formal request for provisional arrest of the wanted person.
  3. Immediate relay of information – the Interpol office in Manila and the General Secretariat of the Interpol shall be immediately informed when the fugitive has been found.

The “Red Notice” is one of the eight (8) notices issued by the Interpol to all member states. Its objective is to seek the cooperation and interference of police forces of member states to arrest fugitives of law and extradite to the requesting country. The process of extradition and transfer of arrested fugitives depends on the extradition treaty between countries. ###