Investigate and sanction Macauyag and other MECO officials pestering Ordidor — Migrante International

In a move similar to that of Pontius Pilate, Labour Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III is washing his hands by leaving poor OFW Elanel Egot Ordidor out in the open to be devoured and torn apart by overzealous bootlickers from MECO. From the start, there was nothing sound in the judgment of Labour Attache Fidel Macauyag when he squandered government resources and his working time threatening a poor OFW who was only expressing her views. 

PHOTO: Focus Taiwan

For a long time, MECO and DOLE, both of which are under the executive branch of government have failed to stop the brokerage system in Taiwan that has been bleeding OFW pockets dry. At present, they have even raised their level of impotence by acting as cyber Nazis. Through EO70, President Duterte himself is to blame for turning diplomatic and foreign missions into Gestapo-like institutions tasked to persecute critical Filipino groups and individuals based overseas. 

POLO’s primary mandate is to uphold the rights and welfare of OFWs and that includes their democratic right to freedom of expression. Since they have veered off from this mandate and have assumed their roles as Duterte’s attack dogs, we strongly demand that Labour Attache Fidel Macauyag and all the rest of MECO officials involved be investigated, sanctioned and charged for their harsh actions towards Ordidor.