Press Statement
29 October 2023

As Israel intensifies its bombings and offensives in Gaza, Migrante International reiterates its condemnation of Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians and occupation of Palestinian lands. 

Israel’s bombing of Gaza is endangering the lives of the 78 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have been evacuated to southern Gaza’s border with Egypt and the remaining 54 OFWs in Gaza. In triggering Hezbollah to attack from Lebanon, it is also placing in danger the lives of the more than 30,000 OFWs in Israel and 17,500 OFWs in Lebanon. 

News about repatriation of OFWs from Israel bring us only partial comfort. The truth is that the OFWs in Israel who are in most danger remain trapped in Gaza. They should be brought home now.

We condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza. These are not only unjust, overkill and indiscriminate towards the Palestinian people. These also spell danger to OFWs, migrant workers and other foreigners in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon. 

We join the international community in demanding that the Israel government declare a ceasefire and open Rafah crossing. It should let all humanitarian aid enter Gaza. It should let OFWs and other foreigners in the area leave and be repatriated to their countries.

We call on the government of Israel: stop its bombings and offensives in Gaza. Stop massacring Palestinians and waging a genocidal war on them. End its occupation of Palestinian lands. Heed the demand of the migrants and peoples of the world to end its oppression of the Palestinian people. 

We likewise condemn the Ferdinand Marcos Jr regime for voting abstain in the United Nations General Assembly vote on a humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas. This is nothing less than partisanship with Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians. 

If only for OFWs trapped in Gaza, the Philippine government should have voted in favor of the humanitarian truce. Instead, the Philippines followed the dictates of the US, which is the No. 1 supporter of Israel, and of Israel. The fascists in the US, Israel and the Philippines are united on the issue. 

We also condemn former president and mass murderer Rodrigo Duterte for advising Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make Gaza the world’s biggest cemetery. While Duterte is already a nobody and a has-been for world leaders now, his statement is still revolting. In his desperation to seek allies against the International Criminal Court, he is egging on injustice against the Palestinian people. ###