JUNK TERROR LAW! Filipino migrants will never be silent. We’ll fight against tyranny with all our might!

Almost a month after the Terror Bill was submitted to Malacañang, President Duterte finally signed the Terror Bill into law. Migrante International vehemently denounces this Fascist attack against the Filipino people’s democratic rights and civil liberties. The nullification of due process and equal protection is an affront to the Philippine constitution which clearly provides that “no law shall be enacted depriving any person of his life, liberty and property without due process of law.”

The pandemic thrusted almost half a million Filipino migrants overseas who are now either distressed, terminated or stranded while thousands of repatriates are facing a severe humanitarian crisis back in the Philippines and yet the Duterte regime is bull-headed in voraciously gratifying its greed for absolute power and impunity. As the Philippines is buried further into an abysmal pit of foreign debt, the Duterte regime continues to reject calls for mass testing, adequate mass transportation, food relief, quality healthcare services, adequate quarantine facilities, and financial amelioration. Filipino migrants will be among those who will bear the brunt of Duterte’s borrowing spree as the mandatory Philhealth membership and premium rate hike in the Universal Healthcare Act remains unamended. We refuse to be deceived by his treachery. 


While we fully know that President Duterte has been itching to bolster his Fascist reign to ensure a favorable succession that would protect him from international indictment for crimes against humanity, the signing was timely as it was made at the back of brewing tensions among members and officials of AFP and PNP over the killing of army intel officers in Jolo, Sulu. To the detriment of public welfare and democratic rights amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the enactment of the Terror Law is not only Duterte’s way of assuaging the military but without a doubt to give full sanction to an all-out and overt persecution of critics and dissenters. If armed agents of the state are not even safe from the butchery of their fellow mercenaries, the public have more than enough valid reasons to reject Duterte’s Terror Law as 30 thousand cases of extrajudicial killings against civilians remain unresolved. 

The killing of Jory Porquia who served as a founding organizer of Migrante Iloilo, the government’s deportation attempt against a Taiwan OFW who was critical of the Duterte regime and the relentless red tagging of Migrante and its members overseas wholly illustrate the extent of the Duterte regime’s gory despotism. In the last four years, we have been seeing how murderous state mercenaries are carrying out Duterte’s open pronouncements of death threats uttered live on national television. 

Migrante International calls on Filipino migrant communities far and wide to surge forward and never allow a doomed and moribund Duterte regime to silence us. Duterte’s tyranny is bound to perish at the castigation of the wrathful Filipino masses and the international community for his monstrous crimes. Let us continue to fight with all our might to junk the regime’s detestable Terror Law and for Duterte’s ouster.

Junk Terror Law!
Oust US-Duterte!