Justice for Jory Porquia! Stop Duterte’s attacks on OFW critics and migrant rights activists! 

At around 5:00 am this morning, Bayan Muna coordinator Jory Porquia was shot dead in his place of residence in Brgy. Sto. Niño, Arevalo District, Iloilo City by unidentified men. His murder follows weeks of harassment and black propaganda campaign by Molo PNP Chief Engelberto Banquillo who has been blocking the feeding program and other humanitarian efforts led by Porquia and Bayan Muna volunteers in the city. According to witnesses, Banquillo even told relief beneficiaries more than a week ago to reject food donations being distributed during Bayan Muna’s relief operations as they may contain the COVID-19 virus. It is clear that the Duterte regime is bull-headed in criminalizing volunteerism and humanitarianism at this period of crisis. 

Porquia is a migrant rights activist whose work as an OFW architect brought him to Saudi Arabia, Singapore and later on in China. In whichever country he was, Porquia committed himself to extending a helping hand to OFW victims of abuse, maltreatment and government neglect. Upon his return to the Philippines, he served as a Migrante organizer and Bayan Muna coordinator in Iloilo. He was one of the leading voices in the province of Iloilo for the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and their families. Migrante International strongly denounces the murder of Jory Porquia and the continued persecution of rights activists under the tyrannical reign of terror by the Fascist Duterte regime. 


His tragic murder also coincides with deportation efforts by Labour officials in the Duterte regime against Linn Ordidor, another OFW critic of Duterte’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pushing for its despotic follies, the regime has gone to the extent of disrespecting authorities in Taiwan and disregarding their own immigration policies. The United Nations has called out the Duterte regime for using the public health crisis as a “pretext for repressive measures.” Duterte’s ‘shoot them dead’ order and his Martial Law threat is already being enforced harshly by state forces through perpetration of various human rights abuses and killings. 

With pain and sorrow, we grieve with Jory Porquia’s loved ones, friends and his fellow Bayan Muna members for his demise. We call on all Filipino migrant organizations and their solidarity partners to protest these Fascist attacks. Let us resist Duterte’s attempt to totally eliminate legitimate dissent and trample on our constitutionally guaranteed democratic rights. Protect critical voices and expose Duterte’s murderous and despotic rule before the international community. 

Justice for Jory Porquia!

Bigas hindi bala!

Ayuda hindi diktadura!

Solusyong medikal, hindi militar!

Stop the killings!

Resist tyranny!

Duterte resign!