Kin of OFW who fell to death from employer’s apartment suspect foul play

The family of 28-year-old Milagros Altoveros Oramoto, a domestic worker in Singapore, sought the help Migrante International after learning that she fell to her death from her employer’s fifth-floor apartment on April 16. They suspect foul play.

Milagros’ sister, Lorena, said thatprevious to her death, the domestic worker had sent her messages saying thatshe in uncomfortable with her employer’s daughter-in-law. She said that thedaughter-in-law was rude to her and was acting jealous of her employer’streatment of her. She said that the daughter-in-law would unreasonably orderher around and curse at her without provocation.

Milagros has been working for her elderlyemployer, Choo Yeow Seng, for almost three years and he treated her like a daughter. When he learned of hisdaughter-in-law’s offensive treatment, he asked his daughter-in-law to move outof the apartment.

Lorena said that they were alsosurprised to find that her sister had bruises even in her inner thighs andcrotch. “Her bruises are not consistent with her fall,” she said.

According to Milagros’ deathcertificate, her cause of death was “blunt traumatic injuries to the head,throat, left upper and left lower extremities.” Her family sought for are-autopsy after her remains arrived in the country last January 7. They arestill awaiting results. They are also still waiting for the results of thepolice investigation in Singapore.

“We want no stones left unturned. If shereally fell, we are willing to accept her fate. But we cannot just concedewithout a fight. If there was foul play, we want justice for my sister,” Lorena said.

Migrante International called on theDepartment of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the PH embassy in Singapore to look milagrosinto the matter. ###