Lift martial law, US troops out of PH soil, resume GRP-NDF peace talks! – Migrante

Migrante International joined today’s BAYAN-led Independence Day protests to condemn the ongoing martial law in Marawi and the direct intervention of US special forces against the Maute/ISIS threat in Mindanao.

“We call on President Duterte, as the Commander-in-Chief, to immediately halt the airstrikes and double-time evacuation efforts to save Marawi from carnage. We call on all peace-loving and freedom-fighting Filipinos to unite against the terrorist groups connected with US-CIA-created ISIS, and resist military take-over of Mindanao,” said Arman Hernando, Migrante International spokesperson.

Hernando also called on Filipinos around the world to resist and reject US involvment in the Marawi conflict. “Our nation should not fall prey to the ploy of foreign powers to wreak terror and division to advance their economic and political interests, similar to what they are staging in Syria, Venezuela and other countries where people are asserting their independence and democratic rights,” he said.

“Nothing good ever comes out of US interventionist wars. The Filipino people should not allow Duterte to fall into the same trap that happened in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. In line with the US pivot to Asia, the US-hand in the Marawi conflict, enabled by US puppets in the Duterte government, is now further exposed. We call for the lifting of martial law and the immediate pull out of all US troops.”

“Instead, we should all strive to achieve a just and lasting peace. A militarist and Marcosian policy will never be the solution to the deeply-rooted problems of our society. Duterte should stand by his declaration of an independent foreign policy and rejection of US control in the country. An independent foreign policy can and should be addressed compehensively by the Duterte government while pursuing the GRP-NDF peace talks,” Hernando said. ###