Migrant group to Aquino on Egyptian unrest: Help end conflict, support int’l condemnation vs. Mubarak dictatorship

Amidst rising concern for the safety and welfare of at least 6,500 Filipinos in Egypt, global alliance of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) Migrante International today said that the end of the conflict in Egypt and subsequently the safety of our OFWs and Filipino nationals lie on Mubarak’s immediate stepping down from office.

“It is the Mubarak government and military that is causing deaths and curtailment of civil liberties in Egypt. There is unrest because there are widespread human rights violations and political and economic strife,” said Migrante International chairperson Garry Martinez.

“While there are present efforts by the DFA and the Philippine post in Egypt to assure the public and OFWs’ families that they are on ‘top of the situation’ and prepared for evacuation, the government also has a responsibility to make clear its position on the Mubarak dictatorship to support the mounting international pressure calling on Mubarak to step down,” he said.

Lehitimo at makatwiran ang ipinaglalaban ng mamamayan ng Egypt. Instead of wrongly insinuating that the unrest is being caused by protesters, na para bang kasalanan ng mga nagpoprotesta na sila ay dinarahas, tinatanggalan ng mga karapatan at pinapatay, the Aquino administration should add its voice to international condemnation against the Mubarak dictatorship.”

“At this point, the latest DFA directive is sending the wrong message, as if our own government is condoning Mubarak’s draconian and militaristic measures against civilians in the absence of a categorical condemnation.”

Martinez said that the Philippine government has not questioned the complete and total shutdown of Internet and other communication lines in Egypt.

“This has a clear and direct effect on our OFWs and a first in the world. We do not want this to be a precedent anywhere else in the world where there are Filipino nationals. Our government should be upfront in demanding open communication lines for our OFWs to reach their families in times of crisis,” he said.

Migrante International expressed support for the people of Egypt in their fight against the three-decade dictatorship and tyranny of the Mubarak regime. ###