Migrante blasts Trump’s “leave the US or starve to death” new immigration policy

Trump’s proposal of denying green cards to immigrants who avail of social welfare benefits for housing, food and medical assistance is cruelty and injustice to the highest level. It is akin to ordering immigrants to leave the U.S. or starve to death. We have seen how ICE atrociously tore families apart and bred xenophobia but this recent proposal of targeting legally documented immigrants is an intensification of Trump’s Neo-Fascist agenda which would set a precedent to other immigrant-receiving countries. This is similarly a haunting reenactment of some of Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws which led to the Holocaust.

Fuhrer Trump

Himself a descendant of immigrants, Trump is fully aware that this policy would mean vulnerability to starvation and infirmities for millions of immigrants who for ages have been among the prime builders of the US economy which include the more than four million strong Filipino community.

Duterte is quick to glorify Filipino migrant workers for their economic contributions but is unwilling to extend assistance when they face attacks through anti-immigration policies. We challenge Duterte to stand up against this new policy that endangers the welfare of Filipinos in the US. Migrante is calling on Filipino migrants in the US and elsewhere to unite and fight against this cruel anti-immigrant policy.