Migrante cries enough of fake partylists out to plunder OFWs money as Mocha’s candidacy drew flak from OFWs  

On the day of Mocha Uson’s filing for candidacy as a representative of AA-Kasosyo partylist, she revealed that she personally chose the “particular party” because they “both share the same visions.” OFWs and their families fully agree that Mocha Uson truly belongs to AA-Kasosyo for it is among the trapo-backed fake OFW partylists that have been used by plunderers as vehicles for corruption and the institutionalization of the abhorrent labor export program.

Kasosyo Mocha Buwaya

Recently, OFWs exposed ACTS OFW partylist  Representative Aniceto “John” Bertiz as a wolf in sheep’s clothing for his arrogant treatment of Filipino migrants in Hong Kong and his recruitment agency’s direct involvement in victimizing OFW Shiela Mabunga. In the same degree of notoriety, OFW Family Club partylist chose Jo Christine Napoles, daughter of pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim Napoles, as its third nominee in 2013.

Now, another fake OFW partylist group is out to wreak havoc by fielding a clown who has been branded by many netizens as “fake news queen.” Her group AA-Kasosyo partylist is among the entities tied to the Php 10 Billion pork barrel scam allegedly masterminded by Janet Lim Napoles.

In 2011, AA Kasosyo partylist representative Nasser Pangandaman allocated Php 12 Million from its pork barrel to Kaupdanan Mangunguma Foundation Inc (KMFI) – an NGO identified with Napoles.

The Duterte regime being the chief protector of plunderers backed the dismissal of Janet Lim Napoles’ illegal detention case. So while criminal masterminds like Janet Lim Napoles have found favor in the eyes of President Duterte, OFWs and their families like Kian delos Santos, Carl Arnaiz and Allan Rafael have found themselves as sacrificial victims in Duterte’s war against the poor. In a nutshell, it is the Duterte regime who is the real terrorist and Mocha Uson of AA-Kasosyo partylist who is the real terrorist sympathizer.

There is not a kernel of truth in Mocha’s declaration of running in the elections for the sake of OFWs. From her own mouth she has revealed that her aim is to go after the Makabayan bloc in Congress in fulfillment of Duterte’s mad pursuit against his critics.

Mocha Uson’s claim that the Makabayan bloc is plotting against the system unmasks her as one of the beneficiaries of this rotten system that breeds trapos and bogus partylist groups falsely claiming to represent OFWs. Under this malevelont system, OFWs continue to be peddled in foreign countries and treated as milking cows to fill the pockets of corrupt plunderers.

A major attack is looming against overseas Filipinos as the Duterte regime is set to impose mandatory insurance and mandatory SSS to all OFWs next year that will certainly have grave impacts on their livelihood. The regime has found it necessary to plant a fake OFW partylist in Congress like AA-Kasosyo to justify its policies that will bleed OFWs’ pockets dry. Likewise, it is the Duterte regime’s way to antagonize and stop Makabayan legislators from criticizing additional state exactions on OFWs.

Enough of fake partylists bastardizing OFW representation and plundering OFW money! Migrante is calling on OFWs and their families to continue exposing fake OFW partylist groups and wage the struggle of bringing down the rotten system that reeks of corruption and bloody crimes against OFWs and the rest of the Filipino people.