Migrante demands justice for OFW cancer-patient slain by Manila PNP: Justice for Allan Rafael!

Migrante Philippines vehemently denounces the ruthless killing of Saudi-OFW and cancer-patient Allan Rafael who was under police custody at the Barbosa Police Station in Quiapo. According to his family, Rafael was illegally arrested by policemen in Recto and was forced to withdraw money before being taken into incarceration.

Under police custody, Rafael related that he was severely tortured by policemen who coerced him to admit involvement in drug crimes solely based on his frail physical appearance. Rafael recently underwent chest surgery and chemotherapy but he was mercilessly subjected to a tormenting ordeal at the hands of the police. His family also decried his body’s embalmment without their consent, an effort on the part of the police to cover-up their felony.

Migrante expresses our deepest condolence to the family of the OFW-victim who was unjustly excruciated by men in uniform despite Rafael being stricken with cancer after sacrificing so much for his loved ones by working overseas. Once again, PNP savages have exhibited their indolence through profiling based on physical appearance.

We are outraged that under Duterte’s reign of terror bolstered by a culture of impunity, the policemen have proactively involved themselves in atrocious crimes of all sorts from kidnapping to extortion and murder.

Instead of punishing erring policemen, the Duterte regime just simply relocated these murderous brutes to other places and worse, promoted some of them like Senior Superintendent Chito Bersaluna who is now Bulacan’s provincial chief after his Caloocan cops shot Kian delos Santos and Carl Arnaiz. Recently, Bersaluna’s men violently attacked and arrested strking NutriAsia workers, their supporters and members of the media.

In the first week of August alone, we have been accustomed to daily media reports of police-led criminal activities in Taguig, Cebu and in many other parts of the country. The Philippine National Police is standing true to its notoriety as a breeding ground for the worst criminals. Under the guise of the regime’s drug war, PNP cops have unleashed themselves as bloody predators killing and maiming any ordinary citizen who is perceived to be an enemy of Duterte’s misguided war.

Through the government’s labour export program, overseas Filipino workers continue to endure hardships and maltreatment. Many are exposed to hazardous working conditions deleterious to the health of Filipino workers. Allan Rafael returned to the Philippines to fight cancer. Little did he know that he would perish from the worst forms of societal cancers —Tyranny and impunity! We demand perpetrators to be arrested and be brought to justice. We enjoin Filipinos to voice their condemnation of this apocalyptic scale of widespread bloodshed being carried out under the tyrannical Duterte regime!

Justice for Allan Rafael!
Justice for all OFW victims of state-sponsored killings!
Stop the Killings!