Migrante International condemns murder of NDFP peace consultant Randy Malayao

30 January 2019

Migrante International denounces in the strongest terms the murder of human rights advocate and NDFP peace panel consultant Randy Malayao. While fast asleep, he was shot by a gunman inside a bus in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya at around 2:30 am earlier. Such bloodshed can only be schemed by criminal minds to insulate the predominant oppressive system, against which, a social justice activist like Randy has valiantly opposed for decades.

As a former political prisoner, Randy never wavered from his strong conviction to struggle for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. His undying love for the poor and oppressed led him to actively participate in the peace negotiations. Migrante has always deeply admired Randy for his efforts in the peace campaign seeking to finally address the roots of forced migration. Randy is one of the key persons who helped organize Migrante Isabela during its founding in October 2017. It is now one of the largest and most active chapters of Migrante Philippines. Migrante International will be forever grateful to him for his valuable contributions to the OFW cause.

Looking back at his gallant life dedicated to service, we are outraged that Randy is now part of the ever-increasing number of peace advocates that were sent to the grave for earning the ire of the exploitative ruling elite and the Fascist US-Duterte regime. Meanwhile, hundreds of others remain incarcerated under trumped-up charges as Duterte’s armed minions sow death and destruction in diverse places across the country.

These atrocities are meant to harass, intimidate and terrorize progressive organizations and human rights groups to keep the public from banding together in defiance to the blood-thirsty rule of the US-Duterte regime. However, this will only fan the blazing flame of resistance among the discontented Filipino people.

We enjoin every peace-loving Filipino to rise up and demand justice for Randy Malayao. Let us never allow another innocent life to be slain under Duterte’s tyrannical regime.

Justice for Randy Malayao!
Stop the killings!