Migrante International denounces violent dispersal of #NutriAsiaWorkersStrike, demands release of detained workers and supporters

Migrante International strongly denounces the state-sponsored violence carried out against striking NutriAsia workers and their supporters. Migrante demands that the fabricated cases against the workers be dropped and the detained #NutriAsia19, including Fil-Am journalists Eric Tandoc and Hiyasmin Saturay, to be released immediately.

The ferocity of the assault only shows that the Duterte regime would rather win the favor of big greedy businessmen than to grant the legitimate demands of workers for security of tenure, just wages and healthy working environments.

Inutile in ending contractualization, Duterte is also consistent in cultivating a culture of impunity through the PNP’s promotion of Senior Superintendent Chito Bersaluna as Bulacan’s provincial police chief. Migrante sees Bersaluna’s reemergence as outrageous for it was his Caloocan cops who were involved in the killing of 17-year old Kian delos Santos, the son of a Saudi-based OFW.

NutriAsia and PNP must stop spinning webs of lies in their bid to tarnish the cause of the striking workers who have long been scourged with unjust labor practices. Migrante demands the immediate release of the NutriaAsia19 and all false charges filed against them be dropped. We want to see the vicious perpetrators of the bloody dispersal from PNP and NutriAsia be held accountable.

The violent event in Nutri Asia yesterday is not an isolated case. Rafael Baylosis, Maoj Maga, Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño and many other labor leaders and rights defenders are subjects of false charges and persecution all in the name of maintaining the status quo that favors the exploiting class. Hence, we likewise call for the dropping of all trumped-up charges against these leaders and stop the persecution against them.

Migrante supports the call to #BoycottNutriaAsia products as Filipinos impute guilt on the Duterte regime for its perverse addiction to its age-old Labor Export Program through its refusal to end contractualization and introduce a national minimum wage. As a result, millions of Filipino workers both here and abroad continue to be subjected to modern-day slavery and exploitation.