Migrante International on the Global Day of Action against US imperialist aggression on Iran (25 January 2020)

Dropping more bombs and waging the most number of wars more than any global power, US imperialism is indeed the world’s number one terrorist. Wherever there’s wide-scale death, destruction and bloodshed, capitalist war freaks from the military industrial complex are thrilled over the heaps of money they are earning from these US-instigated wars. US terror has destroyed millions of lives in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen for the sake of private profit as oil giants have long been salivating over Iran’s nationalized oil assets and rich gas reserves. 

The US threat of war against Iran further endangers the Middle East where about 2.4 Million Filipino migrants reside and work. Adding fuel to the fire is the Duterte regime’s outrageous enemy-tag on Iran and its pro-US default position at a time when even the big allies of the US are urging de-escalation and distancing themselves from this conflict. May we remind the Duterte regime that raising war as a national policy is not only unconstitutional but likewise reprehensible since it seeks harm against another sovereign country which has never exhibited any iota of animosity against our country.


What’s even more ludicrous is that just after President Duterte pronounced his willingness to fall down and lick the feet of US imperialist interest, he’s now threatening to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) based on his lechery of serving as a travel agent for Bato dela Rosa — another buffoon whose major fixation in going to the US is to watch boxing matches. What if the US decides to reissue Bato’s visa? Will Duterte eat his own words? No matter how pompous his words are, we do not see Duterte fulfilling this threat for his fear of upsetting pro-US officials in the military. This only means that the Duterte regime has no interest in upholding Philippine sovereignty before its US imperialist master but is merely offering words of consolation to his troubled crony. 

The Duterte regime’s puppetry to US terrorist interest will not in any way benefit the Philippines. Instead, it will only imperil millions of Overseas Filipino Workers in the Middle East including Filipino seafarers who navigate the waters of the Persian Gulf. Worst, corrupt officials like Pabaon General Cimatu will make the most out of this conflict by putting his hands again on emergency funds intended for the welfare of Filipino workers who might need immediate evacuation should this crisis gets aggravated. 

Migrante International is one with all the peace-loving people of the world in detesting the US imperialist aggression and threats of war on Iran. We are one with the people of Iran in their desire to remain free from the clutches of US imperialist domination and preserve peace. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to assert for a just peace in the Middle East!   

No to US war on Iran!

End US occupation of Iraq!

US troops out now!