Migrante lauds Pinoy OFWs in California for passage of domestic workers bill

Migrante International today congratulated Filipino caregivers and domestic workers in California for their collective action which resulted in the recent passage of the groundbreaking A.B. 889 or the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights by the California State Senate.

The bill will ensure additional labor rights to the thousands of caregivers and domestic workers in the state.

The passage of the state bill comes shortly after the Philippine Senate’s ratification of International Labor Organization Convention 189 (C189) recognizing “domestic work as work”. The Philippines is the second country to have ratified the Convention. C189 required at least two countries to ratify it in order to make its official passage into the ILO.

“Truly and undeniably, collective action of our migrant workers anywhere in the world pays off. This is yet another resounding victory for the Filipino migrant movement, one that should serve as an inspiration to other OFWs elsewhere and in the Philippines,” said Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson.

The California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will go back to the state assembly for concurrment, and will then proceed to the governor’s office for signing.

“The bigger challenge now is how to push other States, especially migrant-receiving countries, to ratify the Convention and institute national legal frameworks to enforce its provisions,” Martinez said.

So far, no major migrant-receiving country has ratified C189. ###