Never Again To Martial Law! End Duterte Dictatorship and Tyranny!

September 21, 2021

Overseas Filipinos echo these urgent calls for the Duterte regime on the commemoration of Marcos’ Martial Law declaration forty-nine years ago.  Today, Overseas Filipinos will march the streets of Montreal, Canada to New York, San Francisco, San Jose, National City, Chicago and Washington in the United States to the old city of Rome, Italy and The Netherlands up to the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. While hundreds of OFWs in Hong Kong will be gathering online to express their support to our collective calls to end Duterte’s dictatorship and tyranny.

In the past five years, Duterte has emulated and even surpassed Marcos’ tyranny and fascism with his own brand of terror through his campaign against illegal drugs, killing more than thirty thousand poor Filipinos, including children of OFWs. On the other hand, Duterte cuddled drug lords who allegedly involved his own family and cronies. He runs his government like big mafia.

Duterte’s dictatorship has been stamped with his Anti-Terror Law which provided authority and arms to police and military mercenaries in the NTF-ELCAC in order to execute the annihilation of anybody who is critical of his administration.  As a matter of fact, this group was deployed overseas to terrorize and smear the dignity and integrity of progressive Filipino organizations in the global regions while organizing its own trolls to propagate Duterte’s sly schemes.  Worst of all, Duterte has gained control of the three branches of government to ensure his stay in power.

While at this, Duterte has shown his inutility to govern at the worst period of history when the deadly COVID-19 plagued the country and other parts of the world where Filipinos have found employment as a result of the labor export program. He rates an excellent score in abandonment and neglect to hundreds of thousands overseas Filipinos who lost their jobs without shelter, food and other forms of social services.  Many who wanted to go back to the country were left stranded without any care from the equally irresponsible government and recruitment agencies. Alas for those who were repatriated, the promised Ayuda remains a dream.

Ironically,  Duterte’s fake fight against corruption in the government was recently exposed by the Commission on Audit that revealed billions of diverted funds to anomalous projects managed by Duterte’s cronies. Such despicable acts deprived the health frontliners, OFWs, and the poor sectors of the society of their rightful benefits. People are dying without medical and health care, hospitals can no longer accommodate patients resulting to deaths in their homes and buried straight to the grave while Duterte and his Chinese business partners steal billions of funds allocated for the COVID pandemic.

Last Sunday September 19th, Migrante International organized a global online rally participated in by Migrante chapters in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, Middle East and the United States to express their collective resistance and called for an end to the Duterte dictatorship.  

Marcos, being his idol, Duterte, not only followed the dictator’s footsteps but exceeded the latter’s tyranny, fascism, oppression, corruption and human rights violations against the indigenous peoples, church leaders, lawyers, journalists, farmers, fisher folks and seafarers, the youth, women, overseas workers and their families.  

Duterte is not only a puppet of the United States, he is also a shameless lackey of China.   He  treasonably surrendered our sovereignty by ceding  Philippine territorial properties to China and giving out billions’ worth of special projects to unscrupulous Chinese companies at the expense of the poor Filipinos during this pandemic. He is a coward and a liar who misled the people by pretending to provide care and protection.

Duterte should be punished for his sins against the Filipino people especially the victims of extrajudicial killings, the vilified, the disappeared, the abandoned and neglected. He should be held accountable and prosecuted for creating a government led by military generals who are incompetent and corrupt in handling the pandemic. He needs to answer for the massacres of the Moros in Marawi and wiping out their life and livelihood.  Above all, he should pay for his crimes against humanity especially his war on drugs that victimized the poor and his red tagging of the political opposition. ###

Oust Duterte Now!

Never Again To Martial Law!

End Duterte Dictatorship and Tyranny!