No to mandatory insurance for OFWs! Genuine protection, not neglect and extortion!

Migrante International vehemently opposes another state exaction by the Duterte regime through POEA Governing Board Resolution No.04 ordering the inclusion of returning OFWs in its compulsory insurance policy.


This resolution exhibits the government handing over to the private sector its responsibility of providing protective services to OFWs. Unsatisfied with extorting mandatory insurance from new hires, the regime is now itching to suck billions and billions of money from rehires to further boost the profit of private insurance providers.

By charging each rehire with the insurance cost of US$144, POEA-accredited insurance providers are set to rake at least Php 7.6 billion every year hinging on last year’s deployment figure of almost a million rehires. This whopping amount does not even include collections from new hires. Without question, this is plain highway robbery!

In most cases, additional exactions either end up as salary deductions or as excessive charges by recruitment agencies and many OFW repatriates do not even receive their insurance claims. Instead, their ticket fares are drawn out from their salaries.

As if the numerous ordeals of OFWs and their families over Duterte’s TRAIN-induced price hikes are not yet enough, the regime is once again augmenting their agony by having POEA act as a bloodsucking conduit to subsidize private profit.

If the president is truly working for the interest of OFWs as he falsely claims, we challenge the Duterte government to scrap POEA Governing Board Resolution No.04 and fully assume its responsibility of protecting the rights and welfare of OFWs and their families instead of relentlessly plundering them for the sake of big corporate interests.

Scrap POEA GBR 04-2018!

Serbisyo hindi negosyo! Proteksyon hindi koleksyon!