OFWs blame gov’t, military for death of Andrea Rosal’s newborn baby

andrea rosal Migrante Internandrea rosal2ational extends itscondolences and most-heartfelt sympathy to Andrea Rosal, daughter of lateCommunist Party spokesperson Ka Roger Rosal, for the untimely death of hertwo-day old baby.

Overseas Filipinos worldwide hold the BSAquino government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines accountable for thedeath of baby Diona Andrea Rosal as a result of the inhumane treatment ofpolitical prisoners in the country.

Baby Diona Rosal died last May 18 at4:20pm at the neonatal intensive care unit of the Philippine General Hospital.Her mother, Andrea, was arrested by authorities, along with two others, lastMarch 27. She was eight months pregnant during the time of her arrest and wasnot given proper medical attention while detained despite persistent requestsby her legal counsel.

Like other political prisoners under theAquino regime, Rosal has been charged with non-bailable crimes of murder andkidnapping. This is a clear violation of the Hernandez doctrine which holds thecrime of rebellion as a single offense that cannot be made into a complexcrime.

“We are heartbroken and outraged by thedeath of Baby Diona Andrea. Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) around the world,especially mothers, know how hard it is to be away from their children. As aparent myself, I cannot even begin to express the sorrow and grief of losing achild, let alone a newborn baby who has died while under the care of the verypeople who are tasked to protect and care for its children,” said GarryMartinez, Migrante International chairperson.

Walangpuso ang gobyernong ito. Ang pakiramdam naming mga OFW ngayon ay mas masahol pasa pakiramdam kapag nababalitaan nating minamaltrato o inaabuso ang ating mgakababayan sa ibang bansa. Ang pagkamatay ng isang inosenteng sanggol na tuladni Baby Diona Andrea ay lagi’t laging isang trahedya. Nagluluksa at nagagalitang mga OFW saanman sa mundo,” he said.

Martinez also slammed the Aquinogovernment for its “double standards” in its treatment of detainees, citing thespecial treatment being given to the likes of former president Gloria Arroyoand Janet Lim Napoles.

“Andrea Rosal who was eight monthspregnant when arrested was not given proper medical care. She only got to holdher daughter in her arms after the baby had died. On the other hand, we have grand-scalecriminals like Arroyo and Napoles basking in air-conditioned quarters and beinggiven special favors by the government. Hindimatuwid kundi baliko at napakaraming road blocks sa daan ng hustisya sa ilalimng gobyerno ni BS Aquino. The government has blood on its hands. It shouldbe made responsible for the death of Baby Diona Andrea.”

Martinez joined other groups andfreedom-loving citizens in calling for the release of Andrea Rosal and otherpolitical prisoners, and for the resumption of the NDF-GPH peace talks. ###