OFWs, families to Pres. Duterte: “A better Philippines for us means…”; Public consultation set on Sept. 17

Migrante at the #SONAngBayan 2016
Migrante at the #SONAngBayan 2016

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families today welcomed Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s vision of “a better Philippines” that OFWs can come home to.

However, according to Migrante International chairperson Garry Martinez, a “better Philippines” for OFWs does not only mean a drug-free or corrupt-free Philippines.

“Ultimately, a better Philippines for OFWs means an end to unemployment, contractualization and poverty that are the root causes of forced migration. A better Philippines for families of OFWs means that they will not have to be apart from their loved ones just to survive. A better Philippines is a self-sustaining Philippines, one that does not rely mainly on our cheap labor and remittances to stay afloat, ” Martinez said.

He said that Pres. Duterte can listen to what a better Philippines means to OFWs and families on September 17.

Migrante International will be holding a public consultation with OFWs, returned OFWs and families of OFWs, especially distressed OFWs in Saudi Arabia and families of OFWs on death row.

“This is an open invitation to Pres. Duterte. He is more than welcome to grace the event and hear the sentiments of OFWs and families. The president has said to just call whenever we need him. We are calling on him now to consult with us. We are more than willing to work for a better Philippines that we can come home to. This is a chance for the president to hear directly from OFWs and families what a better Philippines means for us,” Martinez said.

The public consultation will be live-streamed for participation of OFWs around the world. ###