OFWs in quarantine submit appeal letter to OWWA Deputy Admin Mocha Uson

Over 50 repatriated OFWs from Kuwait, Qatar and Hong Kong who are quarantined in an OWWA Shelter in Pasay have written an appeal letter addressed to the Philippine government, DOLE and OWWA officials urgently calling for the release of the one-time financial assistance promised to OFWs who are displaced by the COVID19 pandemic. 

Many of them have been terminated or under “no work, no pay” policy and have applied for financial assistance as early as the first week of April but still have not received any responses as to the status of their application. They are frustrated with the delay and are worried because they do not have savings and have not been paid their final wages by their employers. 

shelter letter1

Additionally, the migrant workers expressed concerns about the lack of regular health check ups and are requesting for health services, including psychosocial counseling especially for those who have a history of mental health concerns. Lastly, the migrant workers are requesting for transportation assistance to return to their respective provinces.

 The OFWs have been staying in the shelter for over three weeks and many of them have experienced physical abuse, rape and other forms of labor exploitation from their employers. One of them, sadly committed suicide recently. The OFWs handed a copy of their appeal letter to OWWA Deputy Administrator Mocha Uson this afternoon when she visited the temporary OWWA shelter.