On Duterte’s resolution to PH-Kuwait diplomatic crisis: Moronic, not Solomonic!


Just the other day, Malacañang’s comical spokesperson Harry Roque once more sought to evoke awe and wonder from the public when he revealed that Duterte has already made an unexpected “Solomonic” decision on the Kuwait issue.

 Giving his best shot to save Malacañang from all the embarrassments the Kuwait fiasco has caused, Roque likened Duterte to King Solomon who is regarded in biblical tradition to be the wisest man who ever lived. According to scripture, the biblical king became known for his profound wisdom and insight that was too great to be measured.

On the contrary, Migrante does not see any fragment of wisdom in this move of Duterte. It is neither wise nor Solomonic but MORONIC!

 We cannot expect our OFWs to come home if the root cause of their migration–poverty due to landlessness and lack of decent jobs still exists and is actually worsening. We want our families to be whole again but we are forced by our economic condition to be torn apart. Can the president provide for all the needs of the 260,000 OFW families in Kuwait once they return here in the country?”

How can they survive with endo and a Php512 minimum wage (an amount which is less than half of the Php1,174 living wage)? Mr. President, as much as they want to, OFWs in Kuwait cannot just come home.  Until and unless you stop exporting them continually and your promise of a better Philippines, a country where there are regular, decent & living jobs for all able-bodied Filipinos, is fulfilled, they will be forced to search for greener pasture in foreign lands, even if it is in Kuwait or any other hostile country.

 In a twist of irony, Duterte remarked that Kuwaitis apparently seemed resentful towards Filipinos. “Parang lumalabas na may galit sila sa mga Pilipino”, he said.  We cannot be fooled by this statement as to who bears more hatred towards Filipinos for it was not too long ago when Duterte slammed poor jeepney drivers with his usual invective telling them that he doesn’t care even if they all starve and wallow in poverty.

 Addressing the Kuwaiti Government, Duterte conveyed that the presence of Filipinos is perceived as a burden to Kuwaitis. Do we really need to look that far to take notice where Filipinos are more obviously treated as burdens? With all the killings, grave threats, insults and forced expulsions, it is Duterte who treats the presence of Filipinos as burdensome. He cannot endure a single day without Filipino blood spattered on the streets. Under his watch, an entire city was reduced into rubbles while hundreds of thousands of Maranaos, Lumads and Boracay-Aklanons are forcefully displaced and evicted from their homelands.

 Bewildered by how this diplomatic dispute has gone from bad to its worst, the president is now pleading to the Kuwaiti government not to hurt OFWs and give them the treatment deserving of a human being. Filipinos know very well that an OFW repatriate from Kuwait will never be given “better” treatment by Katay Digong. Definitely not in a country where loved ones of OFWs are not spared from his bloody campaign of slaughtering the likes of Kian delos Santos and Carl Arnaiz, both children of OFWs. Did his sanguinary policemen even listen when these poor children of OFWs were pleading for their lives? In reality, only big drug lords, casino gambling lords and land-grabbers are the ones who get super-humane treatment from “moronic” Katay Digong.

 Standing true to his moniker Bugaw King, Duterte is again leaving the fate of Kuwait-OFW repatriates to China, promising that he’ll knock on their doors to consider hiring more Filipinos and to give more financial aid to the Philippines. Moreover, this disaster is brought upon all of us by the insatiable lust after publicity of many government officials close to Duterte whose lives revolve around the dictates of social media consumption. Now, they’re all panicking, going to and fro to scramble for more foreign loans just to save their asses at the expense of the already debt-ridden Filipino people.

 Heavily inebriated in his delusions, moronic Digong bragged about the abundance of jobs in the Philippines. Being the chief purveyor of fake news, not even Duterte’s staunchest supporter in the government will ever believe him. Under Duterte, the biggest contraction in employment in twenty (20) years has been recorded with 663,000 employees who lost their jobs last year. Duterte’s braggadocio is repudiated by the latest poll showing that wages, jobs and inflation are top Filipino concerns across all socio-economic classes. This only goes to show that the government’s persistent neoliberal economic thrust has further deteriorated the country’s dire condition.

Moronic Duterte can no longer deceive the people who are now crying out amidst the wretchedness of poverty, unemployment, and the inhumane treatment they experience in the Philippines under a blood-thirsty and consistent master-swindler Duterte regime. The growing resentment and frustration among the masses has now more than ever intensified their desire to break free from the malevolent power that has long oppressed and banished myriads of our fellow Filipinos to the farthest ends of the earth.  These coming days, Filipinos in solidarity with all workers worldwide will march together as one against all the deceptions and falsehoods of moronic Duterte. The days of reckoning draweth nigh.